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19 August 2005

de Menezes Inquiry to go International

The Antagonist has just heard that the de Menezes family have declared they no longer have faith in the integrity of the British justice system to conduct an impartial inquiry into the police killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Ian Blair is still in hiding. The leaks are looking more and more damning for everyone, from the shooters and surveillance teams on the day right up to the very top of the chain of command, and the IPCC are expressing their disapproval at the actions of the Metropolitan Police at every opportunity.

The possibility of an international inquiry takes this story into a whole other dimension.

More to follow....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

and remember to look at the locations of the events on 21/7 BUSH OVAL WARREN those guys knew. The British justice system is crap but we have to support Gareth Peirce and Harriet Wistrich otherwise they wouldn't bother would they. It works on occasions such as the freeing of the Guilford 4 which Ms Peirce fought the system to uncover and many of us will continue to attempt to uncover the forces behind all these events but my instinct is still the CIA did it. Probably did it all.