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27 October 2005

The Mysterious Case of The Non-Existent Train Time

BreakForNews for news have interviewed the inspirational Bridget Dunne about her ongoing battle against bureaucracy to establish some basic facts about the events of 7 July 2005.

Straight from the BreakForNews story about the interview:
Citizen Investigator, London-based Bridget Dunne has been blogging about her attempts to establish the official facts about the London 7/7 bombings.

She just got a reply from the Anti-Terrorist Police in Britain. She wanted the times of the trains and the bombers movements.

They told her to get lost.

They say it would not be in the public interest to release such information. What about Freedom of Information? Why the secrecy? What on Earth is going on?

Join our guest Bridget Dunne as we discuss her investigations, and our concerns in 'The Mysterious Case Of The Non-Existent Train Time'.

Full Interview in Audio: Stereo/DSL mp3 or 56K dialup

"The Next Level" Internet Radio Show
Dateline: Thursday 27th October 2005

Bridget Dunne's Blog: BridgetDunnes.Blogspot.com

Extract from Scotland Yard Anti-Terror Branch Reply:

"You refer to the witness appeal process being aided by precise times. In fact were we to follow that process, we would potentially lose witnesses who might for example think they had nothing to contribute as they caught the 0841, not the 0843. Similarly we could be said to be 'influencing' witnesses by providing details which could then be incorporated into their accounts. The witness evidence gathering process is intended to be as neutral and uninfluenced as possible.

For example, if a police appeal said 'we are looking for a blue car' when later events showed it to be green, 'preciseness' would have been extremely unhelpful and 'not in the public interest'." More...

Listen up and listen good because, as Ian Blair said over three months ago on 22 July, "This is a very, very fast moving investigation."

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