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19 January 2007

Poor? Blunkett wants to blow-up your home

Remember David Blunkett? The peripatetic, priapic, blind, former Home Secretary that legislated the locking up of everyone he couldn't see and whose guide dog couldn't sniff out the difference between its owner's wife and an employee of Spectator magazine? The same David Blunkett who fast-tracked the illegal immigrant nanny employed by his lover with whom he thought he had fathered an illegitimate child? Yes, him. The blind man with the decadent and "dysfunctional" lifestyle is back and this time, if you're poor - and as word hits the streets that greedy, pilfering state and e-state agents have heisted average UK property prices to £100,000 EVERYWHERE - Big Brother Blunkett wants - for your own good, you understand, to stop you and your children from being anti-social criminals, parents of illegitimate children, etc - to bulldoze your "dysfunctional" council home.

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