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19 December 2010

Obama and US Senate lift gay soldier ban. Special Report

Obama and the U.S. Senate have repealed the 1993 "Don't ask, don't tell" law.


stefz said...


National heroes of the past such as Monty and Lord Kitchener would be tossing and turning in their graves if the British army ever followed suit

The Antagonist said...

I sometimes wonder what material Hicks would be doing today, had he lived.

Or maybe he thought of that.

Which is why you can listen to Gays in the Military, or his Iraqi Weapons skit, or just about anything else he did today and it still has the same insight, relevance and poignancy.

The Antagonist said...

My own comments on my own blog, filtered as spam in my own mailbox.


When I say 'own', of course I mean various magical mystical cloud-services.

The Antagonist said...

But wait, there's more.

You've already gifted chunks of your data here and there to private corporations, now they want every last bit of it.

stefz said...

Governments and corporates have been dreaming about herding us all into 'the cloud' ever since mainframes died on their arse

I doubt that Chrome is going to be wot does it though...

Chrome OS dead in 2011: Gmail creator

Android might though

So much effort to gather in so much of the inane crap that passes for most people's private data. I hope the feckers choke on it

The Antagonist said...

In an ideal world of doing no evil, everyone would be using Google's Chrome OS and Chrome Browser, along with an Android (Google) phone, all connected via at least partially-Google owned Internet infrastructure, creating and storing documents in GoogleDocs, searching the Internet/books/maps/scholarly papers using the Google search engine, all on virtually diskless Netbook/pad/phone style devices so that ownership and access to bits and bytes is removed in just the same way ownership and access to the land was taken from under the feet of the people who happened to live on it.

Only quicker.

Whose bitch do you want to be today?

/he said, on a Google-hosted blog.

The Antagonist said...

"The technology industry has also been alive with talk that the Google $100 machines will be less like a standard home PC and more like a television: in effect, one of the first convergent devices betweem [sic] the internet and television."

Some of us were saying that long before The Times article of 2006. Ten years before.

It was a "conspiracy theory" back then.

If you're any doubt that all you're really meant to have is a relatively dumb terminal on which you just click buttons like a telly box, only more portable and slightly more interactive, check out laptop/monitor display resolutions.

Even on higher-end, higher-priced machines, all the way up to 18" laptop screens, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops -- and pay through the nose -- to find/customise one with a screen resolution that competes with off-the-shelf screen resolutions from 10 years ago.

The Internet - the modern day, slightly quicker large-print Teletext.

Anonymous said...

Net Neutrality?

More like Net Neutering.

Anonymous said...

Was going to post a comment completely different to the one I'm posting but the word verification word was 'nonces' and I laughed so much I forgot what I was going to say.

Jane said...

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