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22 March 2004

Keeping the spirit alive

I am not American. I do not live in America. I have little actual, effective jurisdiction over what goes on in the country in which I live, irrespective of whether or not I vote, or if indeed I am even allowed to vote, so it can be safely assumed that I have no sway over the American electoral system. However, like every other human being on this planet, I am being increasingly subjected to the tyrannical actions, and the repercussions of those actions, taken by those that govern the alleged land of the free. (Which definition of 'free' were they using, exactly?)

So, when I received the call-to-arms for the American people via email (congratulations Mr Smith, you're the Antagonist's first), I felt duty bound to post it on the optimistic whim that, maybe, if people the world over can communicate and work together sufficiently well in the run up to an election in America to change things for the better (however naive that notion may be), then maybe this spirit of collaboration and cooperation, as opposed to the traditional one of competition and conflict which is expounded and horrifically prevalent in daily events, can transcend borders, races and religions to build a better world for more people and, maybe one day, everyone.

Critical Mass
The cooperative spirit of the public is alive and clearly evinced by events such as the immense global anti-war protest that occurred prior to the bombing of Iraq, as well as the increased sense of unity demonstrated by the Spanish people after the Madrid bombing and their choice to align themselves with and elect a leader who speaks of peace and who professes to uphold their will on an issue where their previous government failed them.

In the interests of keeping this spirit alive...

Footnote: it could be argued that, by virtue of the fact that I've posted this call-to-arms, and that a bunch of people that may be entitled to vote might in the US may read it and, further, might also make a decision based on the information contained here-in that could potentially affect the outcome of the American elections in a manner that could potentially be detrimental to the position of power held by George Bush (despite even the efforts of the likes of Katherine Harris?*), that I do indeed have some influence over what goes on in a far-off land. If this applies to me, then it must apply to you too. [ * Serious respect to Mr Blumrich for hitting Google's number four spot with a simple search for "katherine harris" :) ]

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