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14 December 2005

London 7/7: Clarke says No Public Inquiry

Tony Blair, the lying mass-murderer who should be tried for ongoing crimes against humanity both abroad and in this country, denied the British people a public inquiry just three days after 7 July.

It was ordinary members of the British public who died in the attacks and the state's continued refusal to hold a public inquiry is entirely against the public interest. If you are a member of the British public, that means Clarke's statement is against your own personal best interest and you have every right to be angry.

If you were directly affected and suffered any injury or distress as a result of the attacks you have every right to be asbsolutely livid, no matter what your assigned 7/7 counsellor tells you about what you think you might have seen, heard or experienced that day.

The Slow Creep of Consciousness

The British people aren't stupid. At least not as stupid as the British government likes to think they are.

The British people aren't stupid and nor are the survivors, their familes and friends, or the families and friends of those who died or were otherwise directly affected by the events of 7 July. Those members of the blue-light services who have been silenced by their 'superiors' and who still fear disciplinary action - and perhaps worse - if they dare to speak about what happened aren't stupid either. Scared, perhaps, but definitely not stupid.

The British people know the government has for some time been unceremoniously hacking away at the civil liberties of 100% of the British population with laws drawn up by those who seek only to preserve their artificially maintained positions of power, wealth and authority at any cost to the public. They know also that the government has lied many times before.

On two separate occasions the state has denied repeated calls for a public inquiry and on two separate occasions the British people have been fobbed off by the same whiter-than-white government that told us Iraq was 45 minutes away from destroying us all.

Neither the British people, the survivors and the families and friends of those affected by 7/7, or those blue-light workers with stories to tell are going away any time soon and nor will the demands for an inquiry into 7/7.

If the state won't conduct a public inquiry, then the British people are left with no option but to conduct a people's inquiry.

The Call for a 7 July Truth Commission

The British government doesn't want an inquiry. They have stated that quite categorically. Twice.

Why might this be? Cui bono? The dead? The injured? Or those who fear the truth?

Truth is a wonderful thing and will stand the most rigorous of questioning. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that those who call for questions not to be asked, especially into such horrific events, might have something to hide.

Stand up Tony Blair. Stand up Charles Clarke. Stand up also Sir Ian Blair who called for questions not to be asked in relation to the cold-blooded execution of Jean Charles de Menezes that can only have been intended as a warning to us all that the state will happilly execute us - and lie about the reasons for so doing - even if we're innocent.

With the government's confirmation that there will be no public inquiry into 7 July comes the overpowering message to the British people, clearer than ever before - if you want any sort of inquiry, any semblance of truth and, ultimately, any justice for what happened in London on 7 July, you're going to have to do it yourself.

Furthermore, the long history of public inquiry whitewashes and the precious few facts that exist about the train times on 7 July are both sufficient cause to suggest that, even if a government sponsored public inquiry were to be held, nothing but a full and public people's inquiry is going to establish anything close to the truth about what happened the day the bombs came to London.

Even former government intelligence officer, Lt. Col. Crispin Black agrees.

In his book entitled '7-7 The London Bombs - What went wrong?' he wrote:
"We need an official inquiry - now. Not a whitewash inquiry like Lord Hutton's. Or a punch-pulling inquiry like Lord Butler's. But an inquiry run by plain Mr or Mrs somebody."

The Antagonist is a plain old Mr or Mrs somebody and fully supports Lt. Col Crispin Black's call for an official, non-punch-pulling inquiry. So should we all.

If you not you, who? If not now, when?


SmokeNMirrors said...

Amen! And yet it will never happen. People are scared; as you say they know that this government will not hesitate to use lethal force to maintain its lies. T'aint going to happen. Anyone who tries will be marginalised and mocked, attacked and silenced. It's happened before and it will happen again. It's life as we know it, unfortunately. The only solution is education of the masses - and here again the government controls all the cards. The only way to break through the fear and lethargy of the British people is to educate them into the real truths of government. Sadly, that can't be done because too many will scream "conspiracy theory" as they have been trained to do by the TV they live their whole lives by.

The only way the walls will or can be broken down is by brave people, preferably people with a public profile (for people listen to them) standing up to be counted. Unfortunately, I don't think there ARE any brave people any more. People claim to be brave - until they count "what they have to lose" - and then they sit down again. We are in a massive massive Catch-22 situation, and short of education I can't see any solutions. Fear & control reign supreme, and these are fuelled by the concept of "want", which we as a species have been brainwashed into accepting is the only way to live. Sad, isn't it?!

The Antagonist said...

Hi smokenmirrors, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

The fear of 'the few' who count what they have to lose is countered many, many, many times over by what 'the many' have to gain.

There are people speaking out, although you'd never know it if the mainstream media was the only source of information in existence.

Cult film writer and director Alex Cox has spoken out, on more than one occasion and, on Friday 15 September 2006, some enterprising folks compiled over a year's worth of research into a funky little half-hour film, Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings Documentary. More here.

The July 7th Truth Campaign recently launched a petition calling on the government to RELEASE THE EVIDENCE that conclusively proves the story outlined in the 'Report of the Official Account of the Bombings in London on 7th July 2005' and the petition has received almost 600 signatures in just a few weeks, all with absolutely no mainstream media coverage at all.

The government would have it that 'fear and control reign supreme' but that tactic is reliant on the general public being ignorant, stupid, or both, neither of which is true. The magnitude of the lies told by the few, with their own selfish interests and agendas at heart, will, ultimately, be the undoing of the liars once and for all because, in the information age, the lies cannot be maintained as they once could.

So, in response, no, not sad at all, even if we do all have our work cut out to make things right. ;)