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06 October 2005

Royal Narcotics Production Plant Has Cannabis Plants Stolen

For anyone that missed it in Jeremy Paxman's Newsnight round-up last night, precisely 36 minutes and 8 seconds into the programme for anyone that wants to watch again, Paxman announced:

"Thieves have stolen cannabis from a garden belonging to the Duchess of Northumberland.

The duchess had been granted special permission from the Home Office to grow the - 'pot' - plants as well as opium, ricin, magic mushrooms and coca, used to make cocaine, as an educational tool
. "

Yet more conclusive proof, as if it were needed, of the pharmacratic inquisition that removes the right of ordinary people to consume cannabis and nature's other psychoactive plants used by humans the world over for millennia.

At the same time the pharmacractic inquisition allows idle rich fucks to sit around illuminating their existences with the very same 'educational' cannabis and 'educational' magic mushrooms and 'educational' opium that are apparently oh-so-bad for the rest of us that we, the people, must be prohibited from consuming them at all costs.

Such is the war on drugs which, yet again, has exposed itself as nothing more than a war on ordinary people. The very same 'illegal' drugs that are bad for you as an ordinary person are in fact 'educational' and somehow beneficial if you're royalty. So much so the Home Office will grant you a special license to grow all types of 'drug', classes A, B and C. How fucking far out is that, man?

So the royals illuminate themselves with cannabis, magic mushrooms and opium from their own private, government-approved stashes and then unleash their government, its legislative powers and the wrath of its law enforcers on the rest of us to further remove the right of us mere mortals to consume nature's plants.

Of course, as with anything and everything, there are reasons for this. One need look no further than the recent UK legislative changes that have rendered the vending of magic mushrooms, fresh or otherwise, entirely 'illegal' to understand better the system of pharmacratic inquisition that is in operation the world over.

Anyone with an interest in such things will have noticed that the Amanita Muscaria - the Divine Mushroom of Immortality - reportedly one of the most 'toxic' of all magic mushrooms was curiously exempt from the recent UK reclassification of all-but-one variety of magic mushrooms to the status of Class A drug.

The reason behind the exemption of the most 'toxic' of all magic mushrooms, and why the Royals and other such 'luminaries' are allowed to swan (ho ho ho) about with their own personal drug gardens is very simple indeed and requires nothing more than a basic understanding of the use of Fly Agarics in human history, along with some knowledge about the symbolism of the black and white chequerboards that appear around the heads of the Queen's police (the bit that allegedly contains their brains and minds) and the sorts of places one might also encounter black and white chequerboard floors on which people will stand while performing a bunch of ancient occult rituals.

Sir Ian Blair didn't have much to say in the days after the IPCC leak of documents surrounding the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes but he did have rather a lot to say about Kate Moss and her alleged Cocaine use.

The Antagonist wonders what Sir Ian Blair will say about the Home Office sanctioning Royal gardens full of Class A, B and C drugs for 'educational' reasons while the rest us are actively denied the right to do the same by 'the law' and its misguided enforcers. Oh, wait, 'Sir' Ian Blair wears a chequerboard stripe around his head so it's unlikely he's going to say anything at all.

The legendary Bill Hicks summed it all up best when he said about those who endeavour to impose and perpetuate the pharmacratic inquisition with sanctimonious bullshit:

"Your denial is beneath you, and thanks to the use of hallucinogenic drugs, I see through you."

Although quite why the Duchess of Northumberland is being allowed to grow ricin in amongst her extensive drug collection is still a mystery and The Antagonist expects even less comment about the Royal ricin stash from Sir Ian Blair, or anyone else for that matter.

Maybe it's something to do with this sort of thing.

Note to the Duchess of Northumberland: If one is contemplating organising a house party any time soon, do feel free to invite The Antagonist using the email address link on the right of this page.

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