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15 September 2006

London 7/7: Ludicrous Diversion

It's Friday, it's a quarter past five and it's the start of the weekend. Time to put old media to shame. Again.

Ludicrous Diversion

On the 7th of July 2005 London was hit by a series of explosions. You probably think you know what happened that day. But you don’t.

The police have, from the onset of their investigation, chosen to withold from the public almost every bit of evidence they claim to have and have provably lied about several aspects of the London Bombings.

The mainstream news has wilfully spread false, unsubstantiated and unverifiable information, while choosing to completely ignore the numerous inconsistencies and discrepancies in the official story.

The government has finally, after a year, presented us with their official ‘narrative’ concerning the event. Within hours it was shown to contain numerous errors, a fact since admitted by the Home Secretary John Reid. They have continuously rejected calls for a full, independent public inquiry. Tony Blair himself described such an inquiry as a ‘ludicrous diversion’. What don’t they want us to find out?

If much of what The Antagonist has written about the events of July 7th 2005, the alleged perpetrators; the anti-terror rehearsal running that day; the evidence-free, nonsense-'narrative' that is the Official Report; the futile, oft-repeated and flogged-to-death calls for a public inquiry that ignore the issue of the Inquiries Act 2005, and the devastating consequences on life in the UK, were to manifest as a short documentary, it would probably look a little something like this.

The Antagonist may write more on this soon. In the meantime, tell everyone you know to dedicate half an hour to watching this little gem.


Anonymous said...

I am in fear of my life from disclosure of infomation i have aquired on the 7/7 bombings... i am not contected of affiliated with any terrorist organisation .. apart from the british goverment that is..but i knew of the bombings berfor they happened and even telephoned the police to tel them on a number of occassions befor 7/7..the reasons the goverment refuse to tell the truth is very simple..if everyone new the truth there would be a civl war in the country.. and the military would be forced to kill innocent citezens...

Bridget said...

Hi anonymous

'if everyone knew the truth there would be a civil war ... and innocent citizens will be killed'

Innocent people were killed on 7th July, innocent people are killed every day in this world of manufactured terror. We have a responsibility to stop this, and it will only stop when the truth behind these events is revealed.

If you do have any information which will help to get to the truth of these events please contact the July 7th Truth Campaign. We guarantee confidentiality.

We need to trust the people of this country, they deserve to know the truth, whatever the consequences.