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31 January 2009

Antagonista TV 2K+9: Antagonista ON the TV!

It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since the last post here on Reason, but how about this for breaking the silence....

If you're not yet familiar with the "micro-blogging" world of madness that is Twitter, Suspect Paki, who first pointed yours truly in its general direction and whose own #Gaza Tweets were featured in the New York Times, explains what it's all about: If blogging was cocaine, then Twitter is crack.

Eagle-eyed Reason readers will already have noticed a new feature in the left hand sidebar of Reason, Antagonista Reason'd Tweets which contains real-time updates of The Antagonist's latest witterings on Twitter.

Running in parallel, yesterday, a little discussion about the position of poet laureate was instigated by laureate candidate in the running Wendy Cope, who suggested that the post of laureate should be abolished because poetry can't be written to order. The Channel 4 News team (who produce by far the best news programme on any UK TV channel) begged to differ and farmed out a couple of Tweets to their 2,800 or so followers on Twitter:
channel4news So the favourite to succeed Andrew Motion as poet laureate says you can't write poetry to order. We think otherwise, oh Twitter-verse

channel4news ...so, Twitter-verse: 'A poem to lift the spirits of a nation'. Up to 140 characters minus @channel4news The best featured tonight.

'A poem to lift the spirits of the nation' seemed like an interesting challenge, as well as an opportunity to reach the Channel 4 News audience with a message of hope and a succinct synopsis of the ethos behind this blog. So, text editor and character counter at the ready, a short entry was soon submitted.

At 5.30pm yesterday, things began to roll. The daily Snowmail arrived containing a link to "some of the best entries so far: http://bit.ly/Foge", which amazingly included the entry above, and a Channel 4 News Tweet advised:
"Studio run through of our Twitter verse feature. Time allowing Krishnan will read two of our favourites. Stand by @antagonise, @supercoolkp"
Surprised? Yes, very! Then, when Channel 4 News went to air, viewers were treated to the amazing sight of Channel 4 News' anchor man Krishnan Guru-Murthy sat in front of a revolutionary meme:

Below is a brief video snippet in which the daily news' requirement for the repeated repetition of "boom and bust" subliminally replaces the "bust and boom" that was actually written, taken from the full report that can be seen here courtesy of Channel 4.

Congrats also to fellow Twitterer supercoolkp for making it onto the show. Top marks to the Channel 4 News team for embracing the interactivity of cutting edge Internet technology and, of course, for their excellent taste in poetry. Thanks folks!

Viva la people's revolution!