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25 February 2005

Kick-Starting The Cold War

It looks like those that run the planet's Truman Show have remembered the story about the boy who cried wolf. It seems they've realised that if they continue to fill our airwaves, newspapers and Internet newsfeeds with never-ending stories of alleged terrorism and terrorist threats in countries in which there has been no terrorist activity since at least September 11, 2001, slowly and gradually they, and their stories, lose credibility and people become cynical.

This cynicism and lack of crededulity is further compounded by the fact that the only vaguely terrorist activity occurring, largely unreported, is that which is perpetrated by those that warn us to beware of terrorists.

When cynicism and complacency sets in among the people, it's time for a new common enemy. Who better than the Bush war consortium to pluck a new addition to the 'Axis of Evil' out of thin air?

When George Bush met Vladimir Putin earlier this week, Bush - wearing that grin that makes it look he's trying simultaneously to shit and calculate the sum of two and two - told Putin that he had concerns about democracy in Russia. Unsuprisingly, Putin told him that democracy in Russia was Russia's business and the stage has been set for Cold War - The Sequel.

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