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10 March 2005

Scott Ritter: Iraq Vote Fixed

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story - Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter said yesterday that January's historic election in Iraq was fixed.

Ritter also claimed that the White House has already approved plans to attack Iran within the next four months, explaining, "In October of 2004 the president reviewed the Pentagon's plans for military operations against Iran in June 2005 and he signed off on them."

Quelle surprise, the carefully scripted global soap opera continues.

All that's needed now is a bit of high publicity WMD and nuclear scaremongering and Iran's fate will be sealed in the same manner as that of Afghanistan and Iraq. All of which nicely explains the recent media focus on Syria instead.

1 comment:

SJ Otto said...

Not only are there still Iraqis who mistrust the US government, there are still many citizens here in the US who distrust the same government. We see the Republican Party trying to strip away all opposition, not by arresting opponents, but by marginalizing them and using the press to black out their voices.