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18 April 2005

Labour Domain Name Cybersquatting Skullduggery

It seems like Labour Party HQ have been busy on the domain name registration front in a desperate bid to drum up a little more traffic to their web site from anyone checking out the toryscum.com opposition.

A cursory search for Tory leader Michael 'Hecht' Howard throws back links to MICHAELHOWARDSCV.COM and MICHAELHOWARDSCV.ORG, both of which are registered and owned by the Labour Party and redirected to their web site.

Nice touch. And it doesn't stop there.

Michael 'Hecht' Howard
has www.michaelhowardmp.com so, not to be outdone, those enterprising New Labour folk have introduced a devious third way to their web site and registered MICHAELHOWARDMP.ORG, to catch errant typists but have neglected to redirect it to the Labour Party web site.

Update: The Antagonist discovered these little factoids entirely by chance while researching the spectre of Hecht, penned this post, and then found this while waiting for a couple of new .gov.uk domain registrations come through.

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