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11 May 2005

CIA Plane Bomber Outed

No, not a September 11 hijacker, not yet anyway.

Today the BBC reports that Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban-born Venezuelan and anti-Castro dissident who was a CIA agent and informer abd on the CIA payroll from the 1960s until mid-1976. Carriles was also responsible for a 1976 Venezuelan plane bombing and plotting to kill Fidel Castro.

Declassified (they keep these things secret for many reasons, folks, and 'truth' is not one of them) documents contain statements from an FBI informer who "all but admitted" that Luis Posada Carriles was one of those behind the 1976 bombing that killed 73 people.

Mr Carriles once boasted of being responsible for a series of bomb attacks of Havana tourist spots in the 1990s. Five years ago he was arrested in Panama and accused of plotting to kill Fidel Castro during a summit there. Castro referred to Carriles "a monster".

After living in hiding for fear of his life since the trial, Luis Posada Carriles last month crossed the Mexican border and sought asylum in the U.S., in an attempt to finally come home to roost like so many other terrorist chickens in the past.

Castro demanded to know how a high profile terrorist like Carrilles could breach U.S. border security. The Antagonist is guessing that Castro didn't meet with the response, "Hey Fidel, since when do you stop your employees getting in to their places of work?"

The Antagonist believes that this is just one in what will prove to be a rather long line of high profile plane bombers to be outed in the coming years because the truth, as this and so many other stories show, cannot be suppressed indefinitely.

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