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18 May 2005

Queen Orders ID Cards & Tracking of Subjects

The Queen has spoken. Again. Presumably for the benefit of those who can remember quite how she and her extended Germano-Greco family got there in the first place and quite why she and her Germano-Greco extended family are still there now.

The Antagonist isn't sure how relevant the strange qualifications of 'swanning around on huge chunks of land stolen from under the feet of the people that lived there' and 'extensive Corgi-walking' might be when it comes to dictating how the people that one has deemed one's subjects should live their lives, but that doesn't stop the old bag from trying.

Top of the list is money, and continuing to grow the bullshit economy that a bunch of bankers dreamt up over the years to keep them rich (solely in the material sense, of course), and to make sure the rest of us do precious little else other than work so we can live in a small box for the rest of our natural born lives, until someone comes along and puts us in a slightly smaller box, 6 feet under. No great surprises so far.

Next in the Queen's Speech came some nonsense about public services with increased security measures and education with increased security measures because we really need sniffer dogs and CCTV in all schools, otherwise kids won't become accustomed to the idea of being permanently monitored. It seems Big Brother and other, similar abominations loosely termed 'reality TV' aren't working well enough in conveying the underlying message that is their sole purpose, so Brenda intervened.

Then she said the two magic words, ID cards. As if anything else could follow all the references to increased security measures than the ID cards that will cost the people that have no want or need for them a lot of time, money and hassle, while simultaneously providing no additional security and ultimately curtailing civil liberties.

The great thing about this for B.Liar and cronies is that they can now claim, quite validly, to have dropped the ID card bill prior to the election, and that they are only bringing it back because the Queen said so. Labour claim they dropped the bill. Those that knew the bill was only gone for the duration of the election propaganda can't claim that they didn't, and the government can now say, "I'm sorry folks, the Queen made us do it!"

Children in their CCTV and sniffer-dog filled classrooms wouldn't get away with this sort of infantile, buck-passing behaviour. In 'free' and 'democratic' societies, neither should any government or authority.

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