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27 May 2005

United Mistakes of America Wants Access to UK ID Cards

The Antagonist is wondering quite how much surprise to feign at the news reported in the Independent today about how pleased the American government would be if the proposed UK ID cards were compatible with those in the United Mistakes of America.

This news should help even the most ardent supporters of ID cards realign their fundamentally mistaken perceptions about the fraudulent benefits of any system that tags, bags and tracks the movements of individuals, nearly 100% of which are not, have not been, and will not be criminals, unless governments change laws without due consultation and criminalise thousands of people at a whim.

In case anyone is still unclear on the matter, ID cards are not the tools of 'free' and 'democratic' countries. Instead, ID cards are yet another in the long line of technologies of political control used by governments living in full recognition of the fact that a large number of their citizens have had enough of their bullshit.

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