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28 October 2005

Backing Blair: Back & Burning Effigies

In 1605, thirteen young men planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Among them was Guy Fawkes Britain's most notorious failed liberator.

Four hundred years later almost to the day Backing Blair is back with a vengeance and it looks like they've got a bit of voodoo medicine man magick lined up for the four hundredth anniversary of Guy Fawkes' efforts.
Tony Blair can't be waited out, or smoked out... he needs to be thrown out.

It's nothing personal; it's just that this action needs to be taken to prevent someone else thinking they can take the same actions, make the same bluffs, and get away with it at the end of the day.

Tony Blair can't be waited out, or smoked out... He. Needs. To. Be. Thrown. Out.

Source: BackingBlair

BackingBlair's suggestion for the 400-year anniversary of Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up Parliament - burn an effigy of Tony Blair! They've even included instructions for making your own Tony Blair guy, complete with his semi-legendary genitalia.

The Antagonist thinks this is a superb idea and has just one question:

Why single out Tony Blair for the Guy Fawkes effigy-burning treatment when, in reality, the British people have been failed at every level by each and every single politician in the Houses of Parliament?

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