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28 October 2005

London 7/7: News of the World Source Wastes Police Time

In much the same way as the News of the World and the rest of the Murdoch media empire is a wasteful employment of everyone's time by knowingly making false reports, a News of the World source has been charged with "wasteful employment of the police by knowingly making.... a false report".

Via Team8 and Bridget Dunne:

LONDON (Reuters) - A 27-year-old British man was charged on Thursday with wasting police time by lying to a Sunday newspaper about the fatal July bomb attacks in London.

Imran Yaqub Patel was charged with causing "wasteful employment of the police by knowingly making to Mazher Mahmood (a journalist) a false report" which tended to show he had useful information that could help the inquiry, police said.

Patel of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire will appear before magistrates in Leeds later on Thursday.

He was initially arrested late on Saturday on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism after the News of the World told police about comments he made to their reporter Mahmood.

The paper was not immediately available to comment on Thursday about the story, which still appears on their Web site.

Four British Muslims killed themselves and 52 others in suicide bombings on three underground trains and a bus on July 7. Two weeks later, four bombers failed in an attempt to repeat the attacks.

A number of individuals have been arrested as part of investigations into the July 7 bombings and the July 21 botched attacks. Most have been released on bail or released without charge.

Source: Reuters

If the British Police can consider for any time at all the News of the World to be a valid source of information, how desperate are they to try and understand what happened that morning?

Nice also to see Ian Blair endeavouring to hang on to his job reassure the British public about police shooting-to-kill.

At some stage in the very near future Blair, like his President Ministerial namesake in Downing Street, must go; but not before the truth about the London bombings of 7 July is revealed and justice is done for the victims, their families and the British Public.


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