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08 October 2005

The Subtle twisted ironies of life....

.... and death.

The attention of The Antagonist was caught by a comment placed inside a BBC news story published on 12 July in relation to the 7 6 5 4 blasts (5 4 3 blasts on tube trains and 2 1 blast on a diverted Number 30 bus) on the morning of 7 July.

The story begins with the words, "Police believe at least one of the suspected London bombers died in Thursday's blasts."

The auto-comment dragged from the BBC's comment store was:
"Unfortunately we are going to have to surrender some of our civil liberties."

Matthew Freedman, London, UK

How soon a freed-man forgets that from which he was once freed.

That he forgets immediately after an event designed to ensure that freed-men and women are fewer in number than ever before further defies reason.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its funny how my comment after the London bombering has ended up across the whole internet. But I stand by it because it is the best choice of 2 bad options. The civil liberties I were refering to were things like being able to tap into emails and telephone conversations. The comment made in July 2005 was not supposed to be a full endorsement of any proposed anti terror legistation by the government 6 months later.