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23 December 2005

Zeitgeist (or, 'Does anyone give a shit about anything any more?')


Anonymous said...

Well I give a shit. Maybe I'm in a minority. Google are something to be concerned about, as it the polical system as is. Wherre do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

Ant, I give a shit too. We are not accusing them of a little white lie.

Witness accounts from a London tube accident in 2003.


"There was a tremendous bang, the glass shattered and flowed like a river of glass.

People were screaming. There was smoke and there was the smell of burning.

There was blood on the floor."


"There was some kind of fire.

Most people's faces went black and they couldn't breathe properly.

There was smoke inside the carriage. We were lucky to survive."

I suggest that the Halevi document is incredibly important (although it's written in riddles). I think of it as the 'script' that TB and IB have been following i.e. govt and investigation. Why should they accept instructions from a foreign govt?

There is also another document published the following day.