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09 March 2006

When they came for me....

From the BBC, via Nosemonkey, the only blog that seems to have picked up the story so far:
Students charged under terror act

The men will appear in court on Thursday

Two teenage students have been charged in connection with an investigation into suspected terrorist activity abroad, police have said.

Irfan Raja, 18, from Ilford, Essex, was charged with making a record of information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Awaab Iqbal, 18, from Bradford, was charged with possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Both men will appear before Bow Street Magistrates in London on Thursday.

Mr Raja was arrested on February 27 after attending a police station in London. Mr Iqbal was held at his home in Bradford last Thursday.

They are both charged under section 58 of the Terrorism Act.

Two other men arrested in Bradford last week are still in custody.

Source: BBC News

The shit hit the fan a long time ago, folks. Now they're playing for keeps, Israeli style.

Update: The Postman has more.

Update 2: For a fuller explanation of how these kids landed themselves in so much trouble, New World Odour tells it like it is and SpyBlog treats it with a little more gravitas.


Anonymous said...

The law's an ass, and this case raises serious iussues that really should be looked at again: at whose suggestion are these laws made anyway: how on earth did this get passed in parliament: is someone taking the mickey?
Plus, consider the cost of the prisons we'd potentially have to build to accommodate everyone who'd be potentially found guilty -ie. the majority of the UK population to whom it would apply- will obviously be sky-high: where will that money come from? (Thought: cheapest way to provide prison building for pop of London could be using Westminster, given that that'll be all but empty anyway (as a result of this law.)).
Could look at ways of harnessing our new prison population's personal human energy (calories etc) as an alternative energy source to nuclear(which no-one will be able to study anymore because it'd be interpreted as a terrorist activity:( )
btw, ymmv. OS

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to provide these extra links, it is appreciated.
I'm still flummoxed as to how this Act got passed: were politicians sleeping at the time?
Just one problem with this overtly fear-controlled Britain will be the economy: more and more people decide to leave in search of freedom, and fewer immigrants come to the UK because they hear it's no freer than their own regime. (and that could be expanded on I'm sure..)
What then? There'll be no-one left to control. What a shame. OS


As I work at Heathrow Airport and have knowledge that would be beneficial to terrorists I'm probably going to be arrested soon. Could you let my wife know where I am please.

The Antagonist said...

If I knew you worked at Heathrow Airport, that you were married to your wife, and if I had a means of making contact with your wife, that would probably mean that I was 'almost in possession of information likely to be useful to a terrorist' and they'd round all three of us up at the same time.

Have they moved the tanks in yet?