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11 May 2006

July 7th Narrative Day

The July 7th 'narrative' that Charles Clarke offered the British People instead of a full Independent Public Inquiry has been released.

The BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 are all rolling CCTV footage of the accused from 28th June 2005 as if it were from July 7th (indeed the BBC even cropped out the time and date stamp for the full brainwashing effect) when, of course, no footage has ever been released of the four accused of perpetrating the atrocities on July 7th in over ten months since the incidents occurred.

Nor has any evidence been released that could convinct anyone in a court of law for what happened.

Here are some reports:

The BBC, true to form, is still using Mr Peter Power of Visor Consultants as an independent security consultant with no special connection to the events of July 7th, even though on the morning of July 7th he was rehearsing bombs going off in precisely the stations that they did.

When you're done reading the official confusions you'll find a lot of useful information about the events of July 7th at the July Seventh Truth Campaign web site and on their associated July 7th People's Investigation Forum.

Update: Read and join the J7 forum discussion highlighting the inaccuracies, anomalies and inconsistencies in the narrative.


paul said...

i'm sorry that noone feels the need to even wonder about the enormity of 7/7.
keep writng, i'll keep reading

Anonymous said...

Paul, people at the very least are wondering about 7/7.
In fact they're in a state.

The Antagonist said...

Interesting conflict of opinion, indicative perhaps of the level of polarisation about the issue.

A survey in the Independent after the release of the narrative claimed that a large majority of people did not want a Public Inquiry, which could indicate many things:

a) apathy; people don't see the incident in the context of the whole of human history (and not just history since the invasion of Iraq), thereby stripping it of all meaning, and aren't bothered enough by the event and its multifarious consequences to care yet
b) people care deeply about it but have zero faith in the Public Inquiry process and know that lobbying and expecting the government to hold a public inquiry is about as useful as asking Hitler to investigate the Reichstag fire (this is perfectly understandable given previous public inquiries, ongoing inquiries and the Inquiries Act 2005 which rendered control of all inquiries to the government, 'independent' or otherwise)
c) nothing other than the official story roadshow, and all the mendacious baggage that such brings with it, can be given any coverage by the corporate capitalist media. Even if there exists a huge number of people who don't buy the official version of events, the international media oligopolies do not consider it in their corporate interests to represent them.

In some respects, having the state narrative place the accused on a train that most of the Internet already knows didn't run is tantamount to a taunt, the government thumbing its nose at the British public, the victims, the maimed, the injured and their families.

Whether or not they are allowed to get away with it, is yet to be determined.