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15 May 2006

This is the round up. Who will speak for you?

Hammer coming down fast
Flag is flying full mast
Shield your eyes from the blast
You know it won't be the last
It's a round-up, it's a round up

ADF - 'Round-up', Tank

It's a round-up:
Muslims most deprived minority

Muslims are more likely than other religious minorities to be unemployed and live in poor housing in the most deprived parts of England, research has found.

Source: The Guardian

Change the word Muslims for 'poor people' and remove religious affiliations and, suddenly, the sentence makes far more sense and is imbued with a touch less racism.
Rifle butts through the door
Then you're kicked to the floor
Headlines screaming for more
Now you're a prisoner of war in the round-up
It's a round up

ADF - 'Round-up', Tank

Rifle butts through the door:
The "dispersal" of these groups is likely to be limited by the desire of families to stay close together, the research said. And many Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus are likely to want to stay close to their places of worship.
Source: The Guardian


It's a round-up. Chaos AD, tanks on the streets.
Dey come for Rasta, you say nothing
Dey come for Muslims, you say nothing
Dem come for y'anti-globalist, you say nothing
They come for liberals, you say nothing
Dem come for you, and who will speak for you?

Who will speak for you?

ADF - 'Round-up', Tank

Sicker yet.
Muslims were also particularly vulnerable to long-term illness and poor levels of education, said the researchers from the universities of Derby, Warwick, Birmingham and Oxford.

Source: The Guardian

Poor levels of health and education but apparently not unfit or stupid enough to allegedly outwit British Intelligence on July 7th. Yet again, change the word 'Muslims' for 'poor people' and the sentence becomes a bit closer to the truth.
This is a countdown to the crackdown
Time to take a little trip downtown

Get in the lineup, there ain't no let up
This is a bona-fide government stick up (in the round-up)

From the fit up straight to the lock up
Through the touch-up and the drug up to the rough up

It's just a start up, so watch it speed up
It ain't enough to just put-up and shut-up (this is a round-up)

ADF - 'Round-up', Tank

And when they come for you?
"At last week's cabinet meeting, Mr Blair likened Islamic extremism to the Trotskyist Militant Tendency that infiltrated Labour in the 80s, and argued it was only when the party recognised the depth of the infiltration that a tough counter-strategy was implemented." [More]

They dress it up in many ways. Wars on all fronts, all the time; terror, drugs, crime, the causes of crime, poverty, anti-social behaviour, benefit fraud. You name it, there's a war on it. But, really, it's the same old Class War it ever was, only now it's a bigger crime than ever before to know it.

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