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25 July 2006

George Galloway's brief history of time

Courtesy of Davide Simonetti's The Nether World, here is a clip of Galloway's speech at the Stop The War march in London on the first anniversary of the extra-judicial, Mossad-style execution of Jean Charles de Menezes, which also just so happened to be the anniversary of more terrorism in a Zionist-stylee, some 60 years ago:
George Galloway gave a rousing speech. Love him or hate him he’s a great orator. I don’t agree with everything he said but he certainly illustrated the hypocrisy of the Israeli position by mentioning the glorifying of the bombing of the King David Hotel on its 60th anniversary by the current Israeli leadership.

Every action has an opposite and equal reaction and, as the true nature of the beast reveals itself, nobody can fail to see it for what it really is.


Alethea said...

Thank you for posting this. I was unable to get to the protest on Saturday due to ill health and more than anything I wanted to hear Galloway speak. I did however listen to his radio programme on Saturday and Sunday evening. Is Galloway the only politician who has the courage to speak out against the horror that is being inflicted on those poor people? I always thank God for Galloway. I really mean that. I am also truly grateful for your blog. I really mean that. Thanks.

Stef said...

I also missed out on the protest due to (somebody else's) ill health and I second the thanks for the post.

Galloway certainly has his flaws but, like the previous commentator said, what other politician out there is reminding us that the situation in the Middle East isn't so black and white as the maninstream press and politics would have us all believe?

The Antagonist said...

alethea: Thanks for your kind words about the blog.

Stef: Galloway certainly does have his flaws. While he is a great orator who has made some amazing and impassioned speeches, when you scratch the surface, he's much the same as any other politician.

Given his sensible and honest position on a number of issues about which nobody else dare speak, it could be argued that he is in fact more dangerous than your average politician for the issues which he refuses to challenge.

Ironically enough, the article on George's web site which demonstrates the sort of thing I'm talking about, is entitled, 'Exposing the Big Lie', which does precisely the opposite of it's title, choosing instead merely to repeat the big lie.