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29 July 2006

Robert Newman's History of Oil

I don't think I can heap enough praise on this fantastic video of a stand-up comedy performance/history lesson. I promise you you'll be amazed and highly entertained. It's 45 minutes long and you won't want to miss a second of it.

For those that haven't seen it yet and for those that remember the cognitive dissonance that occurred in school when they told you that the first world war happened all because Franz Ferdinand happened to be assassinated, spend your last 45 minutes waiting for Iraq's WMD to land watching the pedal-powered History of Oil according to Robert Newman (the talented half of the Newman/Baddiel combo).

Edit: Embedded video link fixed and added tags.


Dave said...

Yes indeed, a very cool show.

The Antagonist said...

If you get a chance to catch No Planet B - The History of the World Backwards, do.

Newman seems to have mastered the art of making comedy as informative as it can be entertaining.