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31 January 2007

EU States Vs the CIA

Italy, December 2006:
EU-wide warrant over 'CIA kidnap'

An Italian court has issued Europe-wide arrest warrants for 22 suspected CIA agents accused of helping to kidnap a Muslim cleric in Milan in 2003.

The suspects are accused of abducting Osama Mustafa Hassan, also known as Abu Omar, without Italian permission, and flying him to Egypt for interrogation.

The new warrants allow for the suspects' detention anywhere in the 25-nation EU, a prosecutor said. -- BBC

Germany, yesterday:
Warrants issued for 13 in connection with alleged CIA kidnapping of German citizen

BERLIN – Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the alleged CIA-orchestrated kidnapping of a German citizen in the agency's extraordinary rendition program, a Munich prosecutor said Wednesday.

Prosecutor Christian Schmidt-Sommerfeld told The Associated Press that the warrants were issued in the last few days against the 13 alleged kidnappers on suspicion of false imprisonment and serious bodily harm in connection with the abduction of Khaled al-Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent. -- AP

Anyone seen any arrest warrants issued for criminal CIA operatives in the UK, the United Mistakes of America's 'junior partner' and one of the many EU countries actively complicit in facilitating the endless list of illegal activities that are the core business of the CIA?

30 January 2007

Lord Levy Busted! Again.

The perennial pantomime of the ruling classes, 'Freedom & Democracy', continues as Labour's chief fundraiser Lord Levy is arrested for a second time, on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, by police investigating cash-for-honours allegations.

No wonder our very own terrorist-in-chief and lapdog of Primate Bush, Tony Blair, wouldn't answer any questions from Jon Sopel in Davos earlier this week. Note in the interview how Blair says that he must be allowed to press on with his 'radical programmes', despite being a mendacious and murderous war criminal, yet anyone else labelled 'radical' is a terrorist and must be locked up.

19 January 2007

Poor? Blunkett wants to blow-up your home

Remember David Blunkett? The peripatetic, priapic, blind, former Home Secretary that legislated the locking up of everyone he couldn't see and whose guide dog couldn't sniff out the difference between its owner's wife and an employee of Spectator magazine? The same David Blunkett who fast-tracked the illegal immigrant nanny employed by his lover with whom he thought he had fathered an illegitimate child? Yes, him. The blind man with the decadent and "dysfunctional" lifestyle is back and this time, if you're poor - and as word hits the streets that greedy, pilfering state and e-state agents have heisted average UK property prices to £100,000 EVERYWHERE - Big Brother Blunkett wants - for your own good, you understand, to stop you and your children from being anti-social criminals, parents of illegitimate children, etc - to bulldoze your "dysfunctional" council home.

17 January 2007

Daily Mirror - news from the future

The guerrilla journalism of Network 23's Edison Carter was cutting-edge by virtue of it being 20 minutes into the future. The Daily Mirror has gone several better and is now reporting its news from the trial of the 21/7 flour-power peroxide bombers-with-no-bombs a whopping 2 WHOLE DAYS into the future. Note the date and the futuristic headline:
19 January 2007
By Mirror.co.uk

CONTROVERSIAL Islamic preacher Abu Hamza told one of the alleged 21/7 bomb plotters that terror leader Osama bin Laden was not behind the 9/11 attacks, a court was told today.

What next from The Mirror? 'Tony Blair to be hanged'?

Good though that the Mirror is on the case with coverage of the 21st July 'chapati' 'burka' bombers because - scoop time - Sky News only applied for permission to reproduce the trial transcripts for the first two days of the trial and therefore only the case for the persecution prosecution. Anyone interested in the details of the case for the defense is, well, out of luck for now if they're a Sky News devotee. Who else in the media has taken the path of most obvious propaganda and neglected to obtain permission to publish any further transcripts that cover the case for the defense?

Meanwhile, no sooner has the judge asked the jury to forget anything that might prejudice the trial, the dead-tree news organs fill their pages with yet more 7/7 related photos released to the world by the Americans, who seem to have a monopoly on 7/7 pictures, which are alleged to show an exact mock-up of the 'bomb factory' alleged to be have been used by those accused of making 7/7 happen. Subtlety has disappeared into obscurity. The Americans also forgot to include one of the main bits of kit in the mock-up, the industrial fridge, the same industrial fridge for which Lord Patel of the Internet has issued a million pound reward.

Forty-plus people have been arrested in connection with 21st July 2005 - the day when nobody was killed, nobody was injured and no explosions occurred and there's still not been a single arrest of anyone at all in connection with the events of 7/7 two weeks previously, when 56 were killed and over 700 injured. What a crack team the four 7/7 lone nuts must have been. Or, if you prefer, if over forty people have been rounded up and detained for 18 months for not killing anyone with their chapati flour bombs, the law of averages states that there must be at least a few others involved with making 7/7 happen, doesn't it?

A nice touch in the 21/7 trial proceedings for those with long enough memories (or the research skills to learn a bit about the history of terrorism on mainland Britain) is the implication of guilt that follows the discovery of a rubber glove with traces of something suitably nasty-sounding found on it during a raid somewhere. See the case of the Macguire 7 [PDF] for how this old judicial one-two, the forensic fox-trot, was used to great effect in the successful conviction of another bunch of innocent individuals for crimes they didn't commit.

15 January 2007

Terror on Planet Google Earth

One of the most laughable stories of the last weekend - of which there have been as many as usual - has to be this one in Saturday's Telegraph which reports that terrorists are using out-of-date aerial footage displayed by the Google Earth tool to pinpoint their attacks on British bases in Basra.
"This is evidence as far as we are concerned for planning terrorist attacks," said an intelligence officer with the Royal Green Jackets battle group. "Who would otherwise have Google Earth imagery of one of our bases?"

Well, as a point of fact - not that anyone appears to care much about facts anymore unless, of course, they're celebrity facts - and in response to the question, "Who would otherwise have Google Earth imagery of one of our bases?" - the answer is: Lots of people, such as those who want to know what all their tax money is being spent on and including those nice folk over at The Register and their 'terrorist' readers who ran and participated in a competition to - guess what - see who could find the most interesting parts of the world, hidden within Google Earth satellite imagery. For example, the following comes from, "Spot the black helicopter":

It doesn't end there, though. Donald Massyn notes:

I found this collection of black helicopters at the Basra airforce base in Iraq, which probably means they're British!! (and I though it was only the Yanks who belong to the black chopper brigade).

Amazingly enough, the entire readership of The Register, by focussing their mapping efforts on looking for U.S. military bases around the world, with or without black helicopters and alleged alien landing pads, missed out on one or two little architected-into-the-earth gems, the existence of which everyone should know about for their pointers to another world of history contained within the conventional study of history that only makes itself apparent if, and when, the ability to be able to perceive previously obscured evidence in its correct historical, physical and temporal context makes itself available.

Which it eventually does, because there ain't no putting the genie back in the bottle, no matter how great the forces that conspire against it. Enter GoogleMaps, Buckingham Dollar Bill Pyramid Palace and Trafalgar Square's Jolly Roger, the latter of which being the traditional flag of all pirates).

So, while Google Earth is showing the world high-quality satellite imagery of the world, including the land of Pirate Ship Britain - for free - and leaving everyone to wonder what resolution images the military are watching over the rest of us with, the military think it's a bad idea if ordinary people can explore the bluey-green planet upon which most people generally try and do their best to happily and peacefully coexist with one another, while another group - a much smaller and much more pernicious group - endeavours to make everything so the only method of survival available to normal, decent people is to live in a way that is exactly opposite to the one which would be best for themselves and everyone else.

When everything has truly become its opposite, and there is evidence in the public domain to suggest that everything isn't quite as it is portrayed to be, you know that drastic changes are a-coming.

12 January 2007

European terrorism, lessons in history

Given that an anti-tank missile was fired at the U.S. Embassy in Athens just before sunrise this morning, now is as good a time as any to link to some background information on terrorism in Europe that came via a three part BBC Timewatch documentary series detailing Operation Gladio - a Nato/Western intelligence-supported, far-right alliance responsible for perpetrating 'false flag' terrorism via 'stay-behind' networks of operatives whose primary objective was/is to incriminate the enemy of the day.
Documentary Series on Operation Gladio in Italy -- NATO/Western Intelligence supported 'false flag' terrorism

Part 1: Gladio part 1: The Ringmasters (wmv.46mb)
Part 2: Gladio part 2: The Puppeteers (wmv.46mb)
Part 3: Gladio part 3: The Foot Soldiers (wmv.46mb)

Danielle Ganser, whose book NATO's Secret Armies - Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe does a great deal to uncover the previously less exposed but still hidden hand of the far-right in major terrorist atrocities that are blamed on the, historically Communist/left-wing and, since the end of the 'cold war', Muslim, enemy of the day, also runs a web site with a bunch of related articles, some of which are in English:

NATO's secret armies linked to terrorism? [PDF]
ISN Security Watch, 15th December 2004

Able Danger adds Twist to 9/11 [PDF]
ISN Security Watch, 25th August 2005

The end of the 'age of oil' [PDF]
ISN Security Watch, 30th May 2006

Ganser also has a series of scientific papers:

Title: Fear as a weapon
Subtitle: The effects of psychological warfare on domestic and international politics
Language: English
Author: Daniele Ganser
Date of Publication: Volume 9, Number 4, Winter 2005
Journal: World Affairs. The Journal of International Issues
Pages: 28-44
ISSN: 0971 8052
Free PDF: user posted image

If we think about weapons today, we often produce the pictures of guns, tanks, atomic bombs, aircraft carries and fighter jets in our minds. However, one of the most influential weapons is invisible to the human eye: Fear. The phenomenon fear is being studied by the military discipline “psychological warfare” (PSYWAR) and is being used also today on the global battlefields to discredit and weaken an enemy. This paper presents examples from the Cold War period when fear was used as a weapon in order to inform the reader how fear might be used as a weapon today.



Title: Terrorism in Western Europe
Subtitle: An Approach to NATO’s Secret Stay-Behind Armies
Language: English
Author: Daniele Ganser
Date of Publication: Volume VI, Number I, Winter-Spring 2005
Journal: The Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations
Pages: 69-97
ISSN: 1538 6589
Free PDF: user posted image

Research into terrorism in Western Europe has for many years focused on the „Red Brigades“ in Italy, the „Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF)“ in Germany, the "Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)" in Spain, and the "Irish Republican Army (IRA)" in Ireland. New historical research shows, however, that next to these well known terrorist groups another set of secret units existed on the same continent: stay-behind armies controlled by NATO, the CIA and MI6, some of which seem also to have been linked to terrorism and crime. This new data, as presented in the paper, opens up a set of disturbing new questions on our understanding of the history of terrorism in Europe.



Title: The British Secret Service in Neutral Switzerland
Subtitle: An Unfinished Debate on NATO's Cold War Stay behind Armies
Language: English
Author: Daniele Ganser
Date of Publication: December 2005, Volume 20, Number 4
Journal: Intelligence and National Security
Pages: 553-580
ISSN: 0268 4527
Free PDF: user posted image

In 1990, the existence of a secret anti-Communist stay-behind army in Italy, codenamed ‘Gladio’ and linked to NATO, was revealed. Subsequently, similar stay-behind armies were discovered in all NATO countries in Western Europe. Based on parliamentary and governmental reports, oral history, and investigative journalism, the essay argues that neutral Switzerland also operated a stay-behind army under the code name “P26”. It explores the role of the British secret service and the reactions of the British and the Swiss governments to the discovery of the network and investigates whether the Swiss stay-behind army, despite Swiss neutrality, was integrated into the International NATO stay-behind network.

There is also another article, 9/11 Terror, lies and deception, in which Ganser takes on some of the issues surrounding the events of 11th September 2001.

'Never believe something until it is officially denied', goes the oft-quoted phrase. Well, if it's denial of Ganser's research you want, or denial of 'stay behind' networks, its denial you've got, straight from the horse's mouth.

The comments are open for discussion of the above.