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31 January 2007

EU States Vs the CIA

Italy, December 2006:
EU-wide warrant over 'CIA kidnap'

An Italian court has issued Europe-wide arrest warrants for 22 suspected CIA agents accused of helping to kidnap a Muslim cleric in Milan in 2003.

The suspects are accused of abducting Osama Mustafa Hassan, also known as Abu Omar, without Italian permission, and flying him to Egypt for interrogation.

The new warrants allow for the suspects' detention anywhere in the 25-nation EU, a prosecutor said. -- BBC

Germany, yesterday:
Warrants issued for 13 in connection with alleged CIA kidnapping of German citizen

BERLIN – Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the alleged CIA-orchestrated kidnapping of a German citizen in the agency's extraordinary rendition program, a Munich prosecutor said Wednesday.

Prosecutor Christian Schmidt-Sommerfeld told The Associated Press that the warrants were issued in the last few days against the 13 alleged kidnappers on suspicion of false imprisonment and serious bodily harm in connection with the abduction of Khaled al-Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent. -- AP

Anyone seen any arrest warrants issued for criminal CIA operatives in the UK, the United Mistakes of America's 'junior partner' and one of the many EU countries actively complicit in facilitating the endless list of illegal activities that are the core business of the CIA?

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