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30 January 2007

Lord Levy Busted! Again.

The perennial pantomime of the ruling classes, 'Freedom & Democracy', continues as Labour's chief fundraiser Lord Levy is arrested for a second time, on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, by police investigating cash-for-honours allegations.

No wonder our very own terrorist-in-chief and lapdog of Primate Bush, Tony Blair, wouldn't answer any questions from Jon Sopel in Davos earlier this week. Note in the interview how Blair says that he must be allowed to press on with his 'radical programmes', despite being a mendacious and murderous war criminal, yet anyone else labelled 'radical' is a terrorist and must be locked up.


Shutter said...

You have to admit that Tony has chutzpah - NO I won't talk about ....fill in the blank.

Harold Mac said "events dear boy! Events"... and I keep hoping that events will trip the slippery bastard up.

The Antagonist said...

Hypothetically, the solution - as with all things Blair-related - is simple.

Forget cash for honours, charge him for the war crimes that the whole world knows he and his cronies are guilty of, along with the Chimpanzee in Chief across the water and his criminal gang of corporate destructors and immediately the world would be a better, lighter place. This would also send a very clear message to their co-conspirators at every level and the rest of us can go about sorting out the legacy of viscera left behind.

Remember the days when you led a relatively normal life without having to fear the violatory actions of a paranoid delusional state that has whipped itself into a whirling dervish of primal terror and legislated itself the ability to kill anyone or anything from which it can most profit and which it hasn't already impoverished to death through financial penalties?

No, me either. Maybe it's time now, people, before it's too late....