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17 April 2008

Abu Izzadeen & Co. convicted

Trevor Brooks, also known as Omar Brooks, but perhaps better known by his 'radical' 'Islamist' handle of Abu Izzadeen, has been found guilty of funding and inciting terrorism at the end of a three and a half month trial. His conviction could see him facing life in prison for daring to speak in a 'free' country that is now more repressive than your average third world dictatorship.

Izzadeen faced trial alongside six other defendants, all of whom were charged with fund-raising contrary to Section 15 (1) of the Terrorism Act 2000. His co-defendants included:
  • Abdul Rehman Saleem, 32, convicted of inciting terrorism overseas but cleared of fundraising for terrorists,
  • Omar Zaheer, 28, cleared, no verdict reached,
  • Abdul Muhid, 24, convicted of the fundraising count
  • Shah Jalal Hussain, 25, convicted of fund-raising in absentia having done a bunk, warrant out for arrest,
  • Rajib Khan, 29, cleared, no verdict reached, and
  • Simon 'Suleaman' Keeler, 36 - Another in the long list of white, British converts to Islam who manages to find their way to the top of the radical Islamist list. Keeler was convicted of the same two charges as Izzadeen and today became the first white British 'Muslim' to be convicted of a 'terrorist' offence. Compare and contrast with Iqra bookshop worker and ex-SBS serviceman Martin 'Abullah' McDaid and James 'Mohammed Yacoub/Yaqub' McLintock, better known as the Tartan Taliban.
Brooks, Saleem, Keeler, Khan and Ibrahim Abdullah Hassan, 25 were also charged with inciting terrorism overseas, contrary to Section 59 (1) (2) (a) of the Terrorism Act 2000. Izzadeen faced a further charge of encouragement of terrorism contrary to Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006 on July 2, 2006.

Izzadeen is perhaps most famous for describing the events of 7th July 2005 as "mujahideen activity" which would make people "wake up and smell the coffee." He is also reported as saying that American and UK troops would rape and murder in Iraq which, as we all now know, is in fact the case and adds another two crimes to the long list of war crimes perpetrated in Iraq for which Tony Blair and the State's gang of war criminals -- actual terrorists by deed as opposed to terrorists whose only crime is having a big mouth, or possessing an item of literature -- have yet to be tried.

Izzadeen is widely reported as having 'shot to fame' in September 2006 when he heckled the then Home Secretary Herr Doktor John Reid, right on cue, at an invite-only State propaganda event held at a top secret location in East London. Darcus Howe, writing about Trevor Abu Omar Brooks Izzadeen and the Reid 'incident' in the New Statesman, noted:
“[the] clash was staged by Reid and his cohorts at the Home Office. They organised the meeting, Abu Izzadeen was invited in advance - his performance guaranteed - and the press was alerted to film and report the confrontation.”
Below is a video of the 'altercation' which you are advised to watch closely, specifically noting the protracted (in)actions of the 'security' operatives in red shirts, as well as the actions of the tall, suited, open-shirted man holding a radio who stands by the windows alongside the world's smallest policeman.

For further detail about this incident, Izzadeen and 7/7 as "mujahideen activity" see: If links back to UK or US sources are revealed.

Shortly after Reid and Izzadeen's highly amateur dramatics, ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway — he who most vocally will not countenance the notion of any ‘theory’ that doth possess the remotest whiff of ‘conspiracy’ — wrote an open letter to the Home Secretary about what had happened alleging that, “There are only two conceivable explanations as to how this man, at this sensitive time, was allowed to hijack your Potemkin Village performance today.”
Dear Home Secretary,

I have been watching open-mouthed the altercation you have provoked in East London with your ill-judged, patronising and provocative foray into territory you clearly barely understand. There is much that will be said about the child-like - Patricia Hewittesque! - performance you gave your audience. I want to concentrate on the altercation.

The man who harangued you - Abu Izzadine - is a well-known and violent extremist from an organisation your own government has proscribed. Yet he was allowed within punching distance of the British Home Secretary. How ? Why ?

This is the same man who led a group of fanatic thugs in the brief “hostage-taking” of myself and my daughter and several innocent members of the public during a general election meeting last year. This is well known to the Special Branch and senior police officers in East London - the very people in charge of your security today.

This man has appeared on many occasions on television and in the press as a dangerous extremist who has praised the terrorist attacks on July 7th and 9/11. His comments were amongst those adduced in your own government’s case for the proscription of the Al Ghuraba organisation.

There are only two conceivable explanations as to how this man, at this sensitive time, was allowed to hijack your Potemkin Village performance today.

Either our police and security services are so fantastically incompetent that Bin Laden himself might have slipped in to beard you at your podium. Or someone somewhere wanted to engineer precisely this confrontation to show you in a certain light and to portray the Muslims of Britain in the most aggressive violent and extreme way possible, as a justification for the utterly counter-productive policies you are following.

Which is it ?

Because, as you know, I am not a believer in conspiracy theories I am leaning towards the first explanation. If I am right then yet again the Metropolitan Police have proved almost comically incompetent. The sight of a small, slight, helmeted police officer being dwarfed by a giant ranting fanatical thug - talk about a thin blue line! - as all that stood between you and a violent attack will certainly have provided food for thought and encouragement to the country’s enemies. Yet again the justification for continuing in office of Sir Ian Blair must be called into question.

But if I am wrong, and this all turns out to have been some Nixonian “dirty tricks” operation..then of course the questions raised are much more profound and dangerous

I await your response with interest.

Yours sincerely
George Galloway MP
Quite what the outcome of this communication was, is unknown. However, as William Ehrman, Director General (Defence & Intelligence) of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office memorably proclaimed:
"Dealing with Islamist extremism, the messages are more complex, the constituencies we would aim at are more difficult to identify, and greater damage could be done to the overall effort if links back to UK or US sources were revealed."
Without doubt those links back to UK or US sources are being steadily and ever more rapidly revealed for anyone that cares to look, not only in the UK but in Canada, Australia and the U.S. UK instances are being revealed on an almost daily basis, especially for anyone keeping an eye of Spring/Summer 2008 terror season court reports relating to ongoing alleged 'terror' trials.

The Canadian equivalent of 'Islamist extremism', as designed and directed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and not Muslims, is amply revealed in this excellent video documentary.

For the US equivalent of 'Islamist extremism' in which "links back to UK or US sources were revealed", the latest reference point is the case of the Miami / Liberty City Seven where charges were brought in relation to an alleged plot to attack Chicago's Sears Tower. It transpired that:
The entire situation was concocted by the government. The warehouse was paid for by the FBI, and the defendants moved their operations there at the suggestion of an undercover informant who was also paid by the FBI. The swearing-in ceremony was led by the informant — who at another point also suggested a plan to bomb FBI offices in Miami.

"The case was written, produced and directed by the FBI," defense attorney Albert Levin said in his closing arguments.

Ehrman and the FCO's much-feared revealing of "links back to UK or US sources" aren't reported directly. There is, however, more than enough publicly available information contained in the world's news reports for anyone with a desire to make sense of the nonsense to start joining the dots and discovering for themselves the hidden hand involvement of State and security services.

Do your own research.


Anonymous said...

Sweeney Todd = Teeny Plod

The Antagonist said...

I like it! A much catchier expression of sentiment than The World's Smallest Policeman.

paul said...

Is there any details of the joke-hadi's terror funding charge, fucked if I can find any.
Was it just rattling a tin at Finsbury Park mosque, or was he diverting his lavish £176 a week benefits to iraq?

Antipholus Papps said...

That's not a policeman, it's Naboo from the Mighty Boosh!

Still, what Walter Wolfgang wouldn't have given for that treatment, eh?

The Antagonist said...

As I understand it, the fundraising charges seem to relate to a mystical two days in November 2004 (the 9th and 10th for anyone that cares about such 'trivia') where 'another' was invited to donate money or property.

From this the State has adduced 'reasonable cause to suspect' that it was to be used 'for the purposes of terrorism.'

So, in answer to your question, it's quite possible it was tin-rattling outside Finsbury Park Mosque.

Had Izzadeen been diverting his benefits to Iraq then we might have ended up in the Kafkaesque situation of the State bringing charges against itself. (Don't hold your breath for such a spectacle.)

The Antagonist said...

Hot on the heels of the conviction of white, British Muslim 'convert' Simon Sulayman Keeler, who was brought up by his mother and stepfather who worked for the RAF on bases in Lincolnshire and Hampshire, comes this:

Muslim convert, 19, held under Terror Act as police explode 'bomb factory'

paul said...

That's the nearest we're going to get to an explosion amongst these many and varied plots.
I wonder how they detonated whatever it was.
I do not wonder why they did.

The Antagonist said...

paul said...

Is there any details of the joke-hadi's terror funding charge

The Times has part of the answer in its reporting of the admonition of the defendants by the judge:

Judge Nicholas Price, QC, told the men: “Long before freedom of expression was enshrined by statute it has been a well-established principle of a free and democratic society."

“There must be room in such a democratic society not only for views which are favourably received but also views which shock, offend or disturb the state.” He said the men had “abused” the right and committed criminal acts at a protest meeting in 2004, when they called on their audience to join and provide money to the Iraqi insurgency.

He even praised Izzadeen's method acting, telling him:

“I am left in no doubt that your speeches were used by you as self-aggrandisement and not as an expression of sincerely held religious views. I find that you are arrogant, contemptuous and utterly devoid of any sign of remorse.”

The Antagonist said...

Antipholus Papps said...

Still, what Walter Wolfgang wouldn't have given for that treatment, eh?

Certainly demonstrates who the real "terrorists" are.

Section 77.77 (g) of the 2012 Olympic Terrorism Act will feature the newly invented crime of "Uttering the word 'nonsense' in an instance where there is reasonable suspicion to presume the intent of casting aspersions on the nature of what is being said, for the purposes of terrorism, inciting terrorism, glorifying terrorism or knowing of the existence of the words 'terrorist' and 'terrorism'."

Really looking forward to that one.

paul said...

They're certainly milking this one

For an undercover terrorist, he certainly seems to have done his best to attract attention.

We noticed him because of the noise he made, especially late at night.

"He played Islamic music, full of wailing and chanting, similar to what you hear in a curry house.

Rather than skulk within the muslimist community, he picked a neighbourhood where he was unlikely to blend in

"We were absolutely shocked. It was the last thing you would expect to happen in a quiet place like this."

Census figures suggest this place has a significantly lower than average muslim population 0.8% (86 persons)as opposed to 3% for england and wales (16% for bradford might be a better undercover base)

paul said...

3rd police explosion now, never took this long on danger uxb

Sources who claimed to have worked with Ibrahim said he had endured a "difficult few years" and had been "unsettled".

One, who said he believed Ibrahim had recently enrolled on a course at the University of the West of England, said: "He was struggling in life but I had no idea he had become a Muslim before I saw him two weeks ago.

"I could not believe my eyes. He was dressed in full robes and had a beard. He must have undergone a massive change in identity."

A candidate for the lone nut category?

The Antagonist said...

Give it a few hours and he'll be a Walter Mitty character.

The Antagonist said...

With a beard, obviously.

paul said...

Still, its the weekend, think of the overtime!

The Antagonist said...

Even those faux radicals at Spiked Online are insensed by the conviction of Izzadeen et al.