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16 April 2008

American Idiots

A little light relief in Red, White and Blue.

Fast fame for losers


Andrew K said...

How can anyone believe G Brown is human? He is seriously the weirdest person I think I've ever witnessed, most particularly when he does the happy happy routine.

Andrew K said...

Being slighty, but only very slightly, flippant with that comment. Or perhaps not flippant at all. Whatever the f*** is going on with that man, it's all very bizarre. It seems beyond simply playing it false, lying or acting. Much weirder psycholoigical territory.

The Antagonist said...

If you watch the PRopaganda clip closely you can even see the bit when the voice in his head, the one delivered via an electronic implant in his eustachian tube, screams, "THE SMILE! REMEMBER TO SMILE!"

The Antagonist said...

.... along with a small but startling electric shock.