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24 April 2008

Operation Crevice - "7/7 trial" reprise

Since posting Spring/Summer 2008 Terror Season is Open, the article has been updated as and when information of note from the "7/7 trial" has come to light. The information posted in today's update is worthy of greater prominence and wider distribution, so here it is with few amends:

Crevice / 7/7 Who's Who by another name

Precious little is being reported from the first trial in three years resulting from Sir Ian Blair's "largest criminal inquiry in English history", ignoring (for now) the testimony from U.S. prison provided by FBI informant and supergrass Mohammad Junaid Babar -- who coincidentally provided 'evidence' in the Crevice trial being, as he once again was, the prosecution's 'star witness' -- and the conclusive proof of guilt provided by undercover surveillance footage of men walking past a kebab shop and a photo of the inside of Omar Khyam's bedsit.

"Reporting restrictions", similar to those decreed while the Operation Crevice trial was underway and which barred publication of information and photographs of the accused, has again been imposed by the State. Consequently, there is a dire lack of coverage of the "7/7 trial", perhaps because if the fullness of the events were to be reported, people's minds would boggle that a prosecution was even being brought against three men sightseeing in London.

So for general edification, research purposes and anyone following the so-called "7/7 trial", here are the handles of various people ensnared by the crack Crevice sting and who also feature in the "7/7 trial" story, even though you might not have known it until now. Courtesy of J7 and S over at Eco Postie:
  • "Abdul Haleem / Halim" = Kazi Nurur Rahman
  • "Abdul Rahman" = Anthony Garcia
  • "Abdul Waheed" = Waheed Mahmood (Also known as Abdul, Esmail or Javed)
  • "Ausman" = Omar Khyam
  • "Azhar", previously referred to as 'Unidentified male 3' = Azhar Shazad Khan, the brother-in-law of "Ausman" / Omar Khyam.
  • "Hamza" = Jawad Akbar (cousin of Nabeel Hussain, found not guilty)
  • "Imran" = Zeeshan Siddique
  • "Ibrahim" = Mohammed Siddique Khan
  • "Khalid" = Salahuddin Amin (tortured in Pakistan with the tacit approval of the British State)
Note: For those who would suppress information in the servitude of State interests over and above the interests of us all, all the information above is already in the public domain, just not compiled in any one particular place. Until now! Enjoy. Join the dots. Do your own research.


Anonymous said...

Note that the videos shown in the current trial of the '7/7 helpers', which are available via news sites etc., are shown are subject to this framing context:

On behalf of the prosecuting Counsel, the media is urged to ensure material released is strictly framed within the terms and context used in court when they were shown. Failure to do so could result in a breach of the Contempt of Court Act.

So news organisations are not allowed to posit (for instance) that there is nothing contained within the videos that suggest other than a father saying goodbye to his infant daughter prior to a long trip to Pakistan, or that the video of Khyam, MSKhan, Tanweer & Ali wandering around a Green Street Kebab shop signifies anything other than that.

jon doy said...

incredible, and it would seem that this rule on not reporting off-message news is also subject to its own restrictions in terms of itself being reported upon

that this rule exists implicates strongly that a close relative will also be in place to impose a similar restriction on what-and-how information originating from the state and 'security' services is reported - a dictatorship on the news

which probably goes some way to explaining the state of the news, if not why it is that all the 'news'monkeys haven't left in disgust

the six or seven figure salary probably explains that

s said...

Page 16 of the ISC report into 7/7 has the following:

53. A report from another source has also recently come to light. This report was
passed to the Security Service in February 2005. It stated that a man named ‘***’ had
travelled to Afghanistan in the late 1990s/early 2000s with another man named ‘Imran’ and that both held extremist views. The Security Service and police undertook some further investigation into the two men at the time, without significant result. After the 7 July attacks the source identified ‘***’ as Siddeque Khan.

Salahuddin Amin (alias Gullu/Khalid) was arrested on his return to UK in February 2005, following him being held captive in Pakistan since April 2004, after volunteering himself to the Pakistan police (in whose hands he was tortured, something which Mi5 were aware of, as they repeatedly visited him in Pakistan).

'Imran'/Zeeshan Siddiqui was arrested in Pakistan in May 2005 & was deported to the UK on January 8, 2006. He was then placed under a Control Order in April 2006 & then absconded in Sept/Oct 2006, and apparently has never been traced.

Surely Salahuddin Amin would have divulged the [Crevice/7-7] Siddeque Khan connection earlier than February 2005?

Anonymous said...

What has happened to The Antagonist?

The Antagonist said...

Hi Anonymous -- thanks for checking. New post (at last!) here.

s said...

From here:

Yas or Yassir: Mohammad Momin Khawaja

Kashif/Kash or Big Dawg: Mohammed Junaid Babar