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09 April 2008

A Libyan human being known only as Detainee DD

You can lock people up, you can take away their freedom, you can take away their names, their identity and their nationality. You can even remove the most basic vestiges of subsistence existence, but the human spirit is a wonderful thing. The human spirit abides even the most heinous travesties of justice.
I’m not allowed to disclose my name or any information that could lead to my personal identification. I am not allowed to disclose this information to anyone no matter who he may be, even a police officer.
Artwork by a Libyan human being known only as Detainee DD.

Words, addressed to us all, by a Libyan human being known only as Detainee DD:
If you stand back and do nothing then your silence in such difficult times will be recorded in history. So once again I appeal to all you listeners to break the silence, be it with an influential letter, article, protest, or through condemning and denouncing the government’s policies. Do anything you can to help those who are held indefinitely without charge. Indefinite detention without charge is found only in dictator countries like Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt etc.

If this country is to maintain democracy we must put a stop to indefinite detention without charge. The government should not be allowed to use 07.07 as a pretext to justify indefinite detention or to buy our silence. Only because the real culprits of 07.07 have not been found the government is using us as scapegoats so that the people can extinguish their anger on us.

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