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08 February 2009

When Hitler becomes Hitlaw

What will you do when Hitler's law comes to your town? Or aren't you going to wait that long?
Smoking Banned In Your Own Home
- California Adopts Hitler's Policy

In Belmont, Calif. it is now illegal to smoke in your own home and, as John Blackstone reports, the new law has angered one woman who's now on a mission.

Smoking Bans and the Third Reich

Hitler was a fervent anti smoker and a crusader for the anti-smoking cause. He personally funded research into the dangers of smoking and little wonder those results given the nature of his regime tended to support his assertions that smoking was an evil the Aryan race must be rid of. Many of the studies carried out during the Third Reich are the basis for the arguments put forward today by those seeking the imposition of repressive smoking bans. Hitler once stated that tobacco was "the wrath of the Red Man against the White Man" Under the Nazi's the Bureau Against the Dangers of Alcohol and Tobacco was established in 1939 followed in 1942 by the Institute for the Struggle against the dangers of Tobacco. Nazi's were the first to coin the term "passive smoking" Under the Nazi regime the German people had imposed on them the most comprehensive set of tobacco regulations and restrictions seen in any modern nation to that date. Hitler himself took particular interest in this area often personally overseeing the drafting and implementation of anti smoking policy.

Nazi Germany had the Bureau Against the Dangers of Alcohol and Tobacco. Meanwhile the fourth reich U.$., realising that the Nazis missed a few tricks in the monopoly stakes, has its less condemnatory but rather more comprehensive Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

In Nazi Germany it was considered criminal negligence if drivers were involved in crashes while smoking and in keeping with this line of thinking UK drivers may face a ban on smoking at the wheel. Frankly, it's usually negligence, rather than a hedonistic desire to thrillseek at any cost, that causes most drivers to have accidents.

No doubt many will whine, "But smoking distracts your attention from driving so the world will be saved again when the same State that makes billions from the sale of tobacco bans smoking at the wheel." Sure, don't smoke. It'll leave you an extra hand free to fanny around with the huge SatNav TV thing flashing away in your line of vision. Logic hasn't left the building, it had never entered.

The ongoing coordinated global smoking ban is nothing to worry about though. Carry on as you were.


Edo said...

F**K em!

If they're 'that' concerned why don't they just make it illegal? If tobacco was a new introduction it would never pass any food or drug laws, so by default, it is an illegal drug. But wait, that, like other illicit drugs would mean big guv wouldn't make anything on the side...

F**K em! Anti smokers, they really grip my shit.

The Antagonist said...

The nail, head and hit. I know plenty of non-smokers who feel exactly the same way about the issue.

Criminalising nature's plants? Seems a little unnatural to me.

Stef said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stef said...

let's try that again...

Joe Jackson loves ciggies!!

Antipholus Papps said...

Nice of the BBC to report on all of Europe's nations as one country!

The Antagonist said...

Nice of the BBC to report on all of Europe's nations as one country!

Yes, I thought that was a nice touch too.

paul said...

If they're 'that' concerned why don't they just make it illegal?

Something to do with the revenues raised by the regressive taxation of a stigmatised,friendless minority?

For fuck's sake, boozers were the one place, the only place, you could openly express this depravity.

I distinctly remember the strange pulling of a programme about polonium in tobacco around the time of the litvenenko affair, on grounds of taste no doubt.

The Antagonist said...

Ever since this anti-smoking fascism reared its ugly head, I have been making the point that if we really lived in a free market economy and the demand was sufficient for non-smoking bars, clubs and restaurants, homes and whatever else, some enterprising capitalist-types would set them up and make a fortune from self obsessed idiots who somehow think they're immune from dying if they don't smoke, smell smoke, or see smoke.

As far as I'm aware, nobody ever did.

It seems somewhere it was decided to criminalise everyone instead, while still making enormous profits from the almost illegal activity.

paul said...

It's also the crudest,cheapest of gesture politics. The role of government is to preserve the current mess, no matter how biocidal, because they cannot, or care not to, imagine anything else

The Antagonist said...

You'd have to expect them to use the cheapest form of gesture politics these days, credit is all crunchy.

The role of government is to preserve the current mess

Oh yes, and then some!

And to pump money into ideological diversions before anyone notices the cause celebre testified to being "a professional liar" who fabricated every aspect of his 'Al Qaeda 'Islamist' 'extremist' past.

Ho ho ho.

It'll be amusing to watch the fall out among Hassan Butt's champions and apologists. Stand up Newsnight, Quilliam, Tony McNulty and one or two others who aren't as vocal as they once were.

paul said...

Even more unsavoury was the strange,embarrassed hush surrounding this unfortunate menace to our way of life

The Antagonist said...

"described as the "least cunning" person ever to have been charged with terrorism", injured only himself in the blast"

Are you going to contact the Guinness book of records, or shall I?

The Antagonist said...

Speaking of the crudest and cheapest of gesture politics... signatures to stave off the coming revolution:

John Prescott launches online campaign against RBS bonuses | Politics | guardian.co.uk

Nice sentiment, only everyone's already noticed the much bigger problem that needs to be eradicated/resolved.

paul said...

WHO scientists identify world food shortage - all down to fat greedy cunts

Anonymous said...

Ant, what are you thoughts about Venezuela and Iran being included in the 'coordinated global smoking ban' list?

The Antagonist said...

The same old class struggle it ever was.

The Antagonist said...

There's something sickeningly ironic about the UK State banning smoking in the midst of its murdering a couple of million Iraqis.

What's the message? Smoking bad, mass murder good?

Seems they've borrowed that one from Hitler too.