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19 May 2011

Little Rays of Sunstein - Part 1 & 2

CASS SUNSTEIN says Infiltrate Conspiracy Forums

The best way to deal with those pesky nagging questions from those pesky 'conspiracy theorists' is to devise a theoretical framework, a theory if you will, that involves a conscious (which doesn't happen) and knowing (which doesn't happen) conspiracy (which doesn't happen), requiring the involvement of many people to implement (which also doesn't happen), to prove conclusively (oh yes!) to conspiracy theorists that conspiracies don't occur.  

Pure genius!  

It's not much prettier in Demos pink either.


06 May 2011

J7 Comment is Free - Comment is Deleted, Account is Deleted

On the day of the 7 July Inquests verdict, The Guardian, with their Orwellianly titled 'Comment is Free' 'discussion' forum, have deleted a short comment left on their live inquest verdict coverage thread by J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign.

A few pertinent points of fact: The work of J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign was referenced at the start of the inquest proceedings, at the end of inquest proceedings, and repeatedly throughout the course of the inquests, to the point that anomalies and questions highlighted by J7 were raised by counsels for the bereaved in the coroner's court.  Furthermore, the work of J7 even formed the basis for a series of articles by Guardian journalist Shiv Malik on the subject of Mohammed Junaid Babar, the US State's star witness in every significant 'terrorist' trial in the last few years.  J7's work has also been referenced by no less than the Guardian's assistant editor, Michael White, in a piece about UK complicity in torture. J7 were also featured in seven page Media Guardian spread, Seeing Isn't Believing, in June 2006.  Oh, and J7 even penned a Comment is Free article.

The comment below was previously here.
The Disappeared

Not only have The Guardian seen fit to delete the comment, they have also removed J7's account from their system.
"This user profile is not available."


Let us all be grateful for the freedom, democracy, freedom of speech, and all the other stuff regularly championed as the cherished way of life in our glorious land, even though it doesn't really exist.