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03 October 2003


Like most other humanoids The Antagonist too prostitutes time and effort for currency in order to fund an existence, of sorts. A number of The Antagonist's colleagues (read: fellow wage slaves) are addicted to nicotine. A number of other colleagues who are not afflicted with this nicotine dependency have noticed that the terms and conditions of being an addict are that one must feed one's addiction on a regular basis. The non-addicts have also noticed that the addicts are required to take a break to indulge in their poison and have deemed it appropriate to alert 'management' droids to this fact.

What is it about the complainants that results in their lack of ability to think with any degree of clarity? Why do they assume they have the right to interfere with the lives of others simply because they perceive a degree of inequality?

If you don't smoke and you would like a brief respite from your own workplace banality - and here's a revolutionary idea for you - take a break yourself! Solutions really don't get much simpler than that and, this way, everyone can have a break which is infinitely better than nobody having any breaks at all!

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