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03 July 2005

And so it all comes together

As the inter-dependence day of Live8 2005 draws to a close with a characteristically uplifiting performance by the timeless Stevie Wonder, already the peer-to-peer networks are filling with video footage of artists performances from each of the Live8 concerts around the world.

No doubt Stevie's efforts will be digitised and along shortly and, as he proclaims "superstition ain't the way" to an estimated audience of 5 billion people, each and every one of those people can come away from the Live8 global gathering knowing that the information revolution has already happened, global consciousness has taken a bigger leap forward than ever before, and a lot of fun has been had by all.

LiveAid was just a warm up. Live8 was the start of the real thing.

Now begins in earnest the work of the 5 billion to institute the values that five-sixths of the world's population joined together to agree upon.

These values are bigger than Live8, bigger than helping Africa reach a point of sustainable development, and bigger than Just8 will be comfortable with for they signal fundamental changes in the balance of power on local and global levels. Necessarily, Just8 will articulate some degree of support for these values for fear of starting a revolution as they simultaneously seek to prevent those changes through stealthy national and international machinations.

Indeed even in the bastion of 'freedom' and 'democracy' that is the UK, rights to peaceful protest are being removed as laws of restriction are being tightened, and an ever greater watch is being kept on everyone via CCTV, ANPR and the convergence of all personal data in the form of ID Cards which, if we allow them to happen, will be the final nail in the coffin of what liberty is left outside the watchful eye of the authorities in the UK.

5 billion and counting Vs Just8 whose local and global power is no greater than that which we, the people of the world, allow them to have.

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