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14 July 2005

London Blasts: Three Trains & A Bus, A Possible Explanation

Update: For detailed and in depth analysis of the events that occurred in London on 7th July 2005, please see the web site of J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign. Please also sign the J7 RELEASE THE EVIDENCE Petition which calls on the British government to release the evidence that will conclusively prove or disprove, beyond reasonable doubt, the official story of what happened on 7/7.
"You could have had a power surge with a quite catastrophic casualty level.
We have always been aware of that on the Underground."

: Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone
March 1st 2006 [PDF source]

Seven days on from seventh day of the seventh month of 2005 which witnessed the horrific disaster on the London Underground in which at least 48 people were killed and over 700 were injured, it seems most of the world is no closer to understanding quite what happened that could lead to such tragedy.

Now that the two minutes silence across Europe in memory of the victims is over, The Antagonist has watched the media circus roll on for long enough and believes that the general public is owed a credible explanation for the disaster and needless deaths of last week.

The absolute pressing need for this credible explanation is further compounded when one considers that the authorities can offer, at the time of writing, nothing more conclusive than:
"Detectives believe they have now identified the four men who died carrying out the attacks."

To establish what happened on that fateful day we must look at the precious few facts that are available, extricate those facts from the media hysteria surrounding the events of the day, and analyse the facts in context for what they tell us about what might actually have occurred:
Fact 1. On the morning of Thursday July 7, 2005 a major disaster occurred on the Underground which MetroNet, the train operating company in charge of the Underground at the time of the accident, advised millions of passengers in the system, and subsequently the world's media, was due to a power surge.

Fact 2. Peter Power and Visor Consultants were running a thousand man operation in Central London rehearsing anti-terrorist scenarios that involved, amongst other things, multiple bombs going off simultaneously in the stations that were affected by the power surge on the same morning.

Fact 3: A number 30 bus exploded in Tavistock Square at some point during the course of the morning.

As far as the facts go, this is all we know without having to rely on speculation, conjecture and opinion and leaves us with a disaster on the London Underground attributed to a massive power surge, an unrelated anti-terrorist rehearsal operation somewhere in central London as explained by Power during his interview, and an 'exploded' bus in Tavistock Square.

The one outstanding item that needs explaining rather more clearly than has been done so far is the mysterious exploding bus which is being pitched as the missing link that ties the whole notion of a terrorist operation together.

If what happened to the bus can be explained in a way so as to be credible and that explanation avoids the need to assume some huge premeditated conspiracy, so much the better. The time to end the confusion and lack of explanation for the exploding bus has now come.

The Antagonist believes the confusion about the bus arises from trying to establish a link between the exploding bus and the events on the London Underground.

This attempt to establish links between the bus and the Underground disaster is nothing other than misdirection because, in fact, the bus was nothing to do with the power surge on the London Underground and was instead a component part of Peter Power's anti-terrorist rehearsal operation.

Somewhere along the line, and after having had sufficient chance to investigate fully the damage and ridiculous number of deaths caused by a power surge on the London Underground, some enterprising PR soul somewhere decided that the bus would be better linked not with Peter Power's rehearsal operation from whence it came, but with the sheer coincidence of an horrific disaster on the Underground for which many executive heads could potentially roll in very high publicity Corporate Manslaughter cases if the truth were ever revealed.

That the bus was part of Power's rehearsal operation explains why the bus doesn't appear to be charred, and the plastic seats are un-burnt, completely unlike any other pictures of 'real' bus bombs.

It also explains how a number of people can be seen to be walking around on the top deck of the bus immediately after the 'explosion', none of whom are on fire, or showing any signs of visible distress that might arise from being caught up in a 'real' bomb blast.

As the driver of the Number 30 bus that was exploded as part of the rehearsal operation can be heard on TV and radio announcing his distressed thoughts and feelings about the event, we must all remember that, in these rehearsal situations, as is publicly acknowledged:
"All participants are unaware of the 'disaster' until the exercise starts, so they treat it as real as possible."

This means that all bus survivors could then be interviewed by the media as legitimate victims of a 'bomb blast' because they were unaware that they were unwittingly part of a 1,000 person rehearsal scenario.

Perhaps it is merely coincidence that today the news contains reports, under the rather apt headline of Rail Killing Charges Thrown Out, that Corporate Manslaughter charges against Balfour Beatty are being dropped for the equally horrific and pointless Hatfield rail disaster which now sets the precedent that private enterprise is exempt from accountability to their paying customers and the families of those paying customers who suffer tragedy and great loss at the hands of corporate malfeasance.

There you have it. The Antagonist's concise explanation of the events of 7 July, 2005 composed without reliance on the speculation, conjecture and misguided opinion that the media have been filling the airwaves and newspapers with for the past week, just the facts such as they were at the time of the incident, and as they transpired to be after Peter Power's Radio 5 Live interview which revealed the existence of the rehearsal operation from which the exploding bus appeared and created a story that is about something other than Corporate Manslaughter on the London Underground.

The clincher in all of this? That there was no conspiracy to begin with. A disaster occurred on the trains which happened to occur at the same time as a fairly innocuous rehearsal operation was taking place in Central London.

Where anything that vaguely resembles a conspiracy arises, however, is in the considerable attempts to mislead, defraud and deceive the public into mistaken beliefs about who was responsible for the needless deaths that occurred on the London Underground one week ago today.


Herge Smith said...

So it's ID cards all round then?

Mines gonna say "No terrorist" just to cut down on any confusion.

The Antagonist said...

ID cards and, of course, some rather-too-hastily rushed through 'anti-terror' laws before the long summer recess, after which we'll all have forgotten about what happened.

The Antagonist said...

Just seen some interviews with fellow teachers of one of the alleged bombers who worked at a school for the best part of four years, all of whom seem entirely stunned that someone so helpful, caring and friendly could possibly go and do something like this.

Interestingly, my stats just went offline for a while, just after the hosting company read this post.

Curiouser and curiouser...

Herge Smith said...

I just heard a story on BBC Radio 4 about how the whole world was in sympathy with the UK and so many nations observed the 2 minute silence.

I screamed at this point. Yesterday 30 people, mostly children died in a bombing in Iraq. It didn't even get top billing, secondary news item. - I just don't get it - why are people in Iraq so unimportant that we can take war and death and DAILY acts of terrorism easily on a par with the London bombing to their country and nobody in the media gives a fuck - officially no one can even be bothered to keep a tally of civilian causalities.

But here, 53 people die, and many are injured (and yes, this is the bit where I have to say how horrid it is - as we all must all the time for fear of being seen as a sympathiser with terrorists) and the news is DOMINATED for days and days with story - If it bleeds...

The other thing that got me angry was a report apparently that bastion of peerless journalism Youth Beat on Radio One had done in Luton (i think). They reported that out of 24 Asian kiddies they spoke to, WAIT FOR IT - quite a few expressed concerns that despite the lack of real information regarding the attacks – it had been established within days that the terrorists were Muslims. So thought that maybe it wasn’t quite as simple as that, and that it deserved a closer look. Shocking, I know. The report on Radio 4 - no less, said something along the lines of 'at this time there are always conspiracy theories, even in the face of established facts.'

Fuck - what established facts are we talking about?

Here's how I hear it -

The terrorists that caused the bombings in London were British.

That's right, they are us, and we are them. Therefore, we can never stop THEM because we are THEM.

But no, it's always Muslims carried out the attacks.

I know I'm naive, but I hadn't realised until now just how much damage the Hutton inquiry did to the Beeb - they are shit scared now, and always tow the government line.

Sniffy said...

Yes, this is strange. The headline on the BBC News website at just after 9am last Thursday morning was "Power surges cause tube explosions". And there was a statement from TFL saying that there'd been two power surges on the underground and these had caused an explosion.

The next thing we know is a bus goes off outside the BMA offices in Tavistock Square. Outside the British Medical Association HQ?


The Antagonist said...

Which other organisations are there in the vicinity of Tavistock Square [map] and with 1,000+ people for whom Visor Consultants might have been running the operation.

Oh, and a Jamaican born person has been picked up by police. Although not officially confirmed, the media have seen fit to us about it all the same.

Anonymous said...

Which other organisations are there in the vicinity of Tavistock Square and with 1,000+ people for whom Visor Consultants might have been running the operation.

Fortress GB, located at Tavistock House, Tavistock Squaire, partners to ICTS (UK) Ltd, - railway security management specialists who are engaged in several security projects for London Underground.

The Antagonist said...

Thanks for the tip-off, this looks like it could have some truth in it.

See Fortress GB.

Updates on the main page of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't people feel stupid now for doubting it was fascist islamic terrorists? To everyone else they were the obvious main suspects, except to bizarre conspiracy theorists like our host and blogger.


Who killed the people in Iraq? It was other Iraqis wasn't it, or Syrians, Iranians or someone from the Middle East.

On 7/7 British people were killed by British people. Those watching the news might have known them, or had dealings with them. If not then at least they can feel a commonality with them. They therefore have more interest in news. Nothing against the Iraqis, we are about them, but we are already doing all we can to help them, and they are not so close to us!