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08 July 2005

Charles Clarke on Radio 4

Charles Clarke on the Today programme, salient points:
  • No attribution of the events of yesterday to anyone, Muslim or otherwise. A few other possibles were mentioned including a description which included just about anyone.
  • No question of whether explosives were involved in the underground incidents so until pictures or footage emerge, or eye-witness reports that state other than electrical-related causes for the carnage on the trains, The Antagonist isn't buying the public story change from the initial reports of electrical problems. Those initial reports would have been issued by those in the train operating control centres at the time of the incidents, long before any american management figures were in a position to state otherwise at a press conference held much later in the day. Also, what respectable operating company, aside from Jarvis, Tubelines, et al, would want 40+ people dead at the hands of electrical failures on a tube system that is known to be poorly maintained in the interests of profit?

    Out on a limb? Maybe. Wrong? Maybe.
  • Finding the culprits is not about any one issue. It's not about Iraq, or 9/11. Quite how 9/11 or Iraq figures in yesterday's events is a little baffling given that both of those events, and yesterday, are entirely unconnected, save for the one common link throughout all of these things - the U.S. administration. Finding the culprits is about hunting down those who oppose our culture, our media, and our institutions, apparently.
The Antagonist is waiting for the media update to the Today website to grab the full quote about the coming war on anyone that doesn't embody the values of our media, our culture, and our institutions

Bear in mind that this list by now includes anyone involved in Live8, Make Poverty History, any form of charitable organisation that seeks to right the ills of the world, dissenting and vocal bloggers, more than half the UK population that couldn't be bothered to show any form of support for the electoral process in May of this year, and just about anyone else you care to add to that list.

More soon...

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