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15 July 2005

Just Desserts for Jarvis

Even if a company is allowed to get away with miking the government of our public funds for the dubious service of failing to maintain track and rolling stock adequately, it seems a rail company with a bad name has a hard time shaking that bad name off.

The effects of such a bad name are precisely (thanks Peter Power, that word has become The Antagonist's word of the moment) what can be seen to be happening to Jarvis PLC as their considerable losses grow and "fundamental uncertainties" exist about the financial mis-management company's ability to stay in business.

Not a moment too soon.

Maybe this news in conjunction with the Hatfield whitewash announcement of yesterday, and the events as they appear to be emerging on this blog of July 7, 2005, might give sufficient momentum to the notion that public transport should be in the hands of the people that use it.

When this happens, we will all be one step closer to a world where public services might then be run in the interests providing an affordable and useful service to the public, rather than unlimited supplies of funds to private enterprises that consistently, and at the expense of our lives, renege on the responsibilities that come with those unlimited supplies of our public funds.

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