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07 July 2005

London Fracas

Bit of a fracas going on in London at the moment, none of which has been explained beyond an earlier report from a train operating company that a power surge on the tube system caused things to go a bit awry at some underground stations.

The BBC has just announced some notion of an Al Qaeda link before The Antagonist had the chance to write that this is what would be forthcoming. Nobody has yet explained what has happened in London other than a tube power surge and already Al Qaeda is responsible. Oh, and George Bush fell off his bicycle yesterday too.

Mobile phone networks are either overloaded, or shut down - probably the latter - and news and web servers seem to be going the same way.

Perhaps Tony could ask George up in Edinburgh, coincidentally some 400 miles away from events in London, what his CIA and their Al Qaeda buddies have organised for unsuspecting Londoners.

Still, seems like a good way to gee-up support for the ID cards no-one wants.

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