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15 July 2005

Visor Consultants, Fortress GB & ICTS (UK) Ltd

Yesterday, The Antagonist asked of readers, "Which organisations other than the British Medical Associatation are in the vicinity of Tavistock Square and with 1,000+ people for whom Visor Consultants might have been running a covert security operation?"

By way of anonymous comment (thanks, anonymous) the response came:
"Fortress GB, located at Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, partners to ICTS (UK) Ltd, - railway security management specialists who are engaged in several security projects for London Underground."

On the basis that the 'news' can trot out a silhouetted version of Darth Vader with an actors voice to try and indict an alleged bomber, The Antagonist believes an anonymous comment is at least equally as valid, if not considerably more so, and is certainly worth following up especially when the information contained in it is as relevant as this.

That Fortress GB might contract the services of Visor Consultants is entirely understandable and further, that they might be running an exercise based around, "simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened", especially given that "several security projects for London Underground" is the nature of Fortress GB's business.

You can also see how they might choose to conduct this operation outside of their offices in Tavistock Square, rather than move 1,000 people to a rehearsal environment. This probably explains the gentlemen in suits standing around, unharmed, in the photos of the aftermath of whatever happened to the bus.

Was the Number 30 bus already on route to Tavistock Square as part of this operation, or was it diverted after the rail authorities had evaluated the damage and deaths caused on the Underground by the power surge?

If anyone has any additional information that might help piece together events of the day in a methodical and logical manner, please feel free to add comments to the relevant post on the blog, or drop The Antagonist a mail at antagonised[at]hotmail.com.


Anonymous said...

I think we can safely say that something invollving a certain wing of the government helped either place devises or something. The fact that peter power anounced it on the news that day shows he is not likely to be directlyinvolved with masterminding. The one half are fighting the other half.

The Antagonist said...

"The one half are fighting the other half."

Which is what you're left with if you take the technical term that described the original story of what happened on the underground, 'power surge', out of its implied electrical context.

Anonymous said...

Youre all a bunch of retards!

Take a look at wat fortress gb does and then think again. They deal with Sports stadia. Not railways! As in wembley, Euro 2008, Stade de france! Numpties!

Anonymous said...

The fascist primate swears and spells with insane and bigoted reasoning powers. It reacts with venom in blind error, so banal it give clues as to a primative mindset that mimics the mindset of the new world order. World governments particularly under evil dynasties, east and west, have masterminded catastrophic events in order to control people using the powers of war and the media. They launch weapons of mass destruction around the world and carry out fratricide on their own people including killing women and children with total arrogance and impunity.