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07 August 2006

Galloway on Sky News

The Antagonist remembers well the good old days of political turmoil when it was not unknown for activists to storm live news broadcasts in order to draw attention to causes that would otherwise receive no attention. Newly be-bearded Respect MP for Bethnal Green George Galloway's effort on Sky News, below, is about as close as we've got to anyone taking a stand since Nicholas Witchell sat on a lesbian.

"Have a slightly longer memory than four weeks!"

"The Observer has learnt that one senior commander who has been involved in the air attacks in Lebanon has already raised concerns that some of the air force's actions might be considered 'war crimes'.

Yonatan Shapiro, a former Blackhawk helicopter pilot dismissed from reserve duty after signing a 'refusenik' letter in 2004, said he had spoken with Israeli F-16 pilots in recent days and learnt that some had aborted missions because of concerns about the reliability of intelligence information. According to Shapiro, some pilots justified aborting missions out of 'common sense' and in the context of the Israeli Defence Force's moral code of conduct, which says every effort should be made to avoiding harming civilians.

Shapiro said: 'Some pilots told me they have shot at the side of targets because they're afraid people will be there, and they don't trust any more those who give them the coordinates and targets.'"

Source: The Observer

It is worth noting that the IDF consists largely of conscripts, not people who chose the military as a sensible, lifelong career path. Similarly, the American army is stocked-up with college students who signed-up on the basis that their college tuition fees will be paid if they make it back the United Mistakes of America alive.

Throughout the Middle East, the military industrial complex is waging war on people who have absolutely no choice left but to fight for their lives and land and who have a somewhat greater motivation to win the battle started by the alien invaders of their lands than those who wage that war because they have been conscripted to do so, or because their college fees might be paid.

As Malcolm X correctly pointed out a long time ago in a speech entitled The Ballot or The Bullet, white man cannot win the guerilla wars that he instigates.
The same thing happened in Algeria, in Africa. They didn’t have anything but a rifle. The French had all these highly mechanized instruments of warfare, but they put some guerilla action on, and a -- and a -- and a white man can’t fight a guerilla warfare.

Guerilla action takes heart, takes nerve, and he doesn’t have that.

He’s brave when he’s got tanks. He’s brave when he’s got planes. He’s brave when he’s got bombs. He’s brave when he got a whole lot of company along with him, but you take that little man from Africa and Asia, turn him loose in the woods with a blade, with a blade -- that’s all he needs, all he needs is a blade –- and when the sun comes down -- goes down and it’s dark, it’s even-steven.

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