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07 August 2006

Stop War March, London, August 5, 2006

In Memory of the Children

Killed by Blair

Anyone eagerly awaiting news coverage of the London efforts in the Stop War march that took place on Saturday would have been sorely disappointed by the mainstream media's coverage of the event.

Watch this speech given by Rose Gentle of Military Families Against the War to the assembled masses in Parliament Square at the end of the London demonstration on Saturday 5 August 2006 and understand for yourself why there has been no media coverage of the event; for to cover such would be tantamount to heresy and treason of the highest order. Understand also that no longer can innocents abroad be slaughtered without active resistance and opposition against those who commission such atrocities, even from those who have wittingly sacrificed their children to the war OF terror.

Despite what seems to be in the region of 100,000 people turning out at the London protest alone, the setters of the global news agenda decided that the uniting of the disenfranchised unpeople's of the world in their collective global protestations against the murderous rise of Global Fascism at the hands of the International Ruling Class Terrorists who, quite openly and honestly, are doing nothing more than what they say they are doing and protecting 'their way of life', from us, the great unwashed, disenfranchised unpeople's of the world - usually referred to as 'terrorists' - upon whom 'their way of life' is entirely dependant. Well, fuck 'em all, there are billions of us unpeople and now we have the Internet.

Marching Piccadilly: Our number is legion

The march was bigger and louder than the powers that be had anticipated and you can bet your last, worthless, US petro-dollar that the powers that be were both shaken and stirred by events, particularly on one or two notable occasions.

The first of these occasions was, perhaps unsurprisingly, outside the American Embassy when the march came to a complete standstill and the passions, ire and voices of the people raised themselves to levels that could not, and can not, be ignored any longer. The ordinary cops on march patrol duty looked a little non-plussed by it all and so it fell to the blackened-hands of humanity's black-legs and blackened-souls in the black-clad 'special' group of enforcers, who were lying in wait down a side street, to storm protesters and manhandle a group of teenage kids whose only crime was chanting 'Hezbullah, Hezbullah' with more ardent fervour than the 'authorities' would have liked. Curiously enough, mainstream media cameras were on hand to film this incident, although quite where the footage of this altercation is now, is anyone's guess.

The second occasion, again perhaps unsurprisingly, was on Whitehall outside Downing Street where the UK's terrorist-in-chief, Tony Blair, currently resides. Once again, the energies and passions of the crowd raised themselves to levels that could not, and can not, be ignored any longer.

Protecting the UK's Terrorist-in-Chief

Hundreds of children's shoes symbolising the children slaughtered under the guise of Zionist imperialism were thrown over the barriers in the direction of Downing Street, many of them bouncing off the state troopers - who just like Nazi concentration camp guards - were 'only doing their job' and protecting the London property of a mass-murderering war criminal from the mass of humanity that had assembled outside to make its collective voice heard.

The Cenotaph: The Glorious Dead

Outside Downing Street, Rhythms of Resistance provided the background beats to a Die-In that was staged, with dozens of protestors dropping to the ground, many daubed in red dyes, in an enactment of the countless hundreds of innocent children, women and men slaughtered, not just in Lebanon and Palestine, but also in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else in the world upon which the corporate, oligarchal terrorism of the few has visited. The police refrained from removing these individuals from their sit down protest while there was anyone around to watch the proceedings, although the area had successfully been cleared by the time the speeches in Parliament Square came to an end.

Blair Must Go

Also worthy of a mention are a couple of the speeches in Parliament Square, particularly that of Rose Gentle linked above, one of the few working class voices to be heard from any podium. Craig Murray doffed his cap to those assembled with the words, "But I see hope, when I look over this crowd. You can't see yourselves from here, you go on and on back to Trafalgar Square. Every race, every ethnicity, every religion. You are typical of modern Britain and when Lebanon bleeds we bleed for them." Watch Craig in action for yourself, courtesy of Ady Cousins.

People of Britain, America, Israel, the time has come to hold the real terrorists in our own countries, the real, provable International terrorists and war criminals that form the real 'arc of extremism', the real 'axis of evil' to account, to bring each and every one of them to justice, once and for all. If the respective populations of these countries can't sort out the huge mess in their own back yards, what possible hope do any of them have of affecting change in any other country led by mendacious, mass-murderers cut from the same cloth as our own?

US Flag on its way to a burning

Burn baby, burn


Elsewhere, Lord Patel of The Internet queried of the shoes: "now how does Sir Ian Blair deal with this pile of footwear - send in the street cleaners no doubt."

And, sure enough, that is precisely what happened! No sooner had the speeches in Parliament Square ended, in steamed Westminster Council, in the form of a large dustcart and the employees of a private firm, Onyx, to sweep all the children's shoes away. This process, no doubt project-managed to the highest degree to ensure that all traces of the demonstration were removed within the hour, however, was not allowed to pass without incident.

Upon spying yet another State clean-up and cover-up campaign, several members of the public who have yet to have their hearts torn out, became insensed that the shoes representing the children slaughtered by the ZioNazis were being treated as rubbish and took it upon themselves to empty the assembled bags of swept-up shoes back onto the street. Man, woman, child - young and old alike, rallied together as one - some with quite some fervour and a definite antagonistic nature towards the State's operatives - dustman and plod alike, for they are one - to ensure that, for a while longer at least, the children's shoes, unlike the lives of the Arab children that the shoes represented, were saved from that most contemptuous of beasts, State organs on overtime.

Overtime plod ("Stay there as long as you like, that's all I can say. I need some new tyres for my motorcyle, £200 each.") now slightly relieved from their duty of protecting the UK's terrorist-in-chief - instead of tearing down the gates of Downing Street and arresting the lying war criminal who would hang were the Nuremburg trials running today - handled the tense situation very well and ordained that the remaining shoes should be placed at the Cenotaph, conveniently and brilliantly already emblazoned with the chiselled in stone words, "The Glorious Dead", until after all the plebs had gone home when, of course, the shoes could all be binned as per the original plan; plod and street-sweeper get their overtime and everything is back to normal in time for raking in the usual Saturday night west-end profits. By Monday, it's business as usual and Tony won't even have to sneak in the back way.

This is, lest we keep fucking forgetting, the fascistic cancer of capitalist imperialism.

Photos: Snapped and anti-copyrighted by The Antagonist.

Update: Links to Ady Cousins' coverage of the speeches, compiled by Davide:


Davide Simonetti said...

Excellent post!

I missed the Die-in by Rhythms of Resistance. And I'm really glad you managed to post the whole of Craig Murray's speech because it was really good. and I failed in my attempt to record it.



The Antagonist said...

Hi Davide, thank you. Inspired in no small part by your excellent coverage of the march two weeks previously.

Saturday must have been the day for technical glitches as I ran out of disk space half way through Galloway's effort and, having failed to create enough space for any further footage, also missed recording the impassioned speech by a Muslim speaker (MCB rep?) whose name escapes me and who urged the people under seige in Lebanon and Palestine not to leave their homes, else they would never again return to them.

Any further information, or a link to a copy of the speech, would be much appreciated.

Davide Simonetti said...

I think I know who you mean although the name escapes me too. I have a nasty feeling his speech was one of the ones I accidentally deleted in a frantic effort to make more space on my camera... D'oh! It might be worth checking with the Stop the War people, or, that failing, maybe Lenin's Tomb might know. I'll search through the You Tube maze of videos and if I find the speech I'll let you know.



The Antagonist said...

Thanks Davide, much obliged.

With a combination of blogging, youtubing and flickring, anyone with an Internet connection can now be the media change we want to see.

Maybe it's time us dissident bloggers pooled our collective reportage resources to create a force with which the corporate media cannot ever hope to compete.

Everything wants to be free!

Kier said...

Thanks for the report and photos, Ant.
An excellent letter to the BBC by Davide, too.

Anonymous said...

Would a 'march' have been appropriate in the face of an anticipated Nazi invasion? Or perhaps the British would have resorted to 'mmore appropriate' meeans of defence. In which case, what is 'more appropriate' is determined not by the similarity in plight of the distressed, but by which side of the illusory border you are on - even when it is 'our' government which is doing the damage to another. Whilst we have definitely got the idea of 'defence' quite right, we have yet to get its 'application' right.