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24 October 2006

What lies behind Jack Straw's veil

Update: 09/05/2007: If you've arrived at this page looking for information about the arrest of Hasina Patel and the latest 7/7-connected arrests, see here.

If the Home Office had commissioned a report following the race riots of 2001 to look into the problems of integration in the UK and the results of the two year study known as the Burnley Project, submitted to the Home Office in September 2006, stated categorically that, in fact, white people are the barrier to successful integration, wouldn't you be tempted to wonder what prompted Jack Straw's tirade against Muslim women?

Jack Straw's veil, and the veil of state, has fallen yet again.

Suspect Paki has the lowdown on the United KKKingdom.

20 October 2006

The Cause of Death, The 4th Branch & The Poverty of Philosophy

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and it is. The pen of rapper Immortal Technique is honed to the highest degree, bar none.

The issues

Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death

Why you never hear about the issues

Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch

The solution to the ills of the world is a correct historical class analysis

Immortal Technique - The Poverty of Philosphy

More from the living legend that is Immortal Technique

13 October 2006

Jarvis, Tim and some words of wisdom

Pulpman Jarvis Cocker has penned a beautiful and poignant anthemic song called Running the World and made it available on MurdochMySpace for the Internet-connected world to enjoy.

The Antagonist can almost guarantee that the Antagonista in you will be singing the chorus for as long as it takes to make things right.

The song also represents a short break in blogging from Bloggerheads in favour of a new project. Good luck with the new venture, Tim, not a moment too soon.

07 October 2006

Shhh! Police score anti-terror raid success

It looks like police have undertaken their first successful anti-terror raid of recent times and there's not a Mosque or a Muslim in sight:

"....the largest haul of chemicals of its kind discovered in someone's home in the country." - Burnley Citizen

"Police sealed off the home of Robert Cottage in Talbot Street, Colne, after storming the address and discovering chemical components that could be used to make explosives." - Lancashire Telegraph

"The home of another man charged with similar offences contained a rocket launcher and a nuclear biological suit...." - Socialist Worker

The chemicals were found at the home of an apparently lapsed British National Party member, as opposed to the home of a Muslim, so no front page national newspaper headlines for the discovery of the largest haul of chemicals ever found in this country.

It could be argued that the chemicals found might be used for a number of purposes other than manufacturing explosives but this wouldn't explain the press and media silence about the rocket launcher or the NBC suit that were also found in the raids.

Update: Ex-BNP member? Not quite, not according to the BNP's own rules. Ministry of Truth does the math.

Update 2: More on this story from: Blood & Treasure - large bomb apparently found, not many informed, Picked Politics - Ex-BNP member caught with “record haul” of explosive chemicals and Lenin’s Tomb - the bomb factory you won’t hear about.

Update 3: The BBC explains in an email why they never covered the story:
I have investigated how the story was missed. It appears a reporter from BBC Radio Lancashire investigated initial reports but the police "played it down". Our regional televison centre in in Manchester found out about the story only after it was reported in the Colne Times. By this time it was several days old. On investigation they discovered that reporting restrictions were in place which severely curtailed what could be said by the media.

Meanwhile, in the blog world, 'Rachel North' defends the BNP's right not to be labelled as terrorists against an Israeli national with legitimate fears about Fascism, even though white man's got a bomb complex - Mother of Satan, May 2005.

Update 4 24/10/2006: The two Fascists appeared in Preston Crown Court today and confirmed their names.
Court 10 T20061011
Plea and Case Management - Case Started - 10:51

The case was adjourned until January 15, 2007 for a plea and case management hearing. Trial date provisionally set for 12 February 2007 at Manchester crown court.

Of course, far-right terrorism has never yet been classified as terrorism by the state so it's unlikely this case will be any different.

What about the Home Office race relations report that preceded Jack Straw's attack on Muslims - the other story that's not making the news?

01 October 2006

Sex crimes and the Vatican

In May 2006, an article about the Catholic church appeared in the London Guardian, written by Mark Honigsbaum, which covered the ongoing work of Patrick Wall, a former Benedictine monk turned international investigator who now leads an international crusade against paedophile priests.

Wall's job is to hunt down Roman Catholic priests retired by the Vatican in the wake of sexual abuse scandals. Wall's original plan had been to become a priest but within weeks of taking his vows for the priesthood, he was invited to join the church's "sexual abuse response team". That any organisation much less the church might require such a team should perhaps be sufficient cause for concern in itself.

Wall is quoted as saying, "My job was to firefight cases of sexual abuse - basically, take the place of the perp and calm the waters," he says. "Our definition of success was that no one ever found out about it."

Wall, along with two other former priests, has written a book called 'Sex, Priests and Secret Codes: the Catholic church's 2,000-year paper trail of sexual abuse'. The book references a previously secret document called Crimen Sollicationis - Latin for "the crime of solicitation" - issued in 1962 by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), an office attached to the Vatican. You can read the full document courtesy of the BBC.

The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith instructs bishops to investigate claims of abuse, "in the most secretive way" or face the "penalty of excommunication". In 2001 the CDF issued only its second ever directive on such matters. The new directive removed the burden from local bishops by ordering bishops to send their reports directly to the Vatican for processing.

At the time the second directive was issued, the head of the CDF was none other than Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, the former Hitler-youth and Nazi anti-aircraft unit operative who caused outrage among Jewish peoples when he was first appointed and, more recently, outrage among Muslim peoples when he joined Bush and Blair in the other favourite pass-time of the ruling classes, the endless crusade against Islam. Once a Nazi, always a Nazi.

The BBC's Panorama, to be broadcast on BBC1 at 22:15 on Sunday 1st October, has more information about Hitler-youth Pope Ratzinger's endeavours to cover-up child abuse within the Catholic Church in Sex crimes and the Vatican. The programme will also be available for on-demand viewing on the BBC web site.