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24 October 2006

What lies behind Jack Straw's veil

Update: 09/05/2007: If you've arrived at this page looking for information about the arrest of Hasina Patel and the latest 7/7-connected arrests, see here.

If the Home Office had commissioned a report following the race riots of 2001 to look into the problems of integration in the UK and the results of the two year study known as the Burnley Project, submitted to the Home Office in September 2006, stated categorically that, in fact, white people are the barrier to successful integration, wouldn't you be tempted to wonder what prompted Jack Straw's tirade against Muslim women?

Jack Straw's veil, and the veil of state, has fallen yet again.

Suspect Paki has the lowdown on the United KKKingdom.


Shahid said...

Thanks for the speedy research, it was essential in compiling the findings of my article. It just goes to show - this stuff was completely off the radar and so well buried. What a surprise.

The Antagonist said...

You're more than welcome!

Well done for turning the report into such an awe-inspiring post on many different levels and one that appears to have struck a chord with most, if the comments are anything to go by.

Anonymous said...

Hi 'Antogonist'

I hope you don't mind me posting this long piece in the comments. I'd like to share with you some of my research, no real breakthroughs, some of it is interesting, some bits probably useless.

First, I'll mention a well-connected group awarded £6,000 in May 2003 by the UnLtd charity for 'Developing the capacity and infrastructure of the South Asian voluntary and community sector in Leeds, to help develop services and support':

Tauqeer Malik (group leader), Mohammed Zaman, Tafazal Mohammed, Rifhat Malik, Janice Hargreaves, Javed Khan, Shakeel Mir, Moneer Sharif, Mohammed Farouk, Omar Khan

About half of these appeared in news reports relating to the 7th July bombings and its aftermath.

Tauqeer Malik - There are only three Tauqeer Maliks registered on the 2005 Electoral Roll, one in Surrey, one in Southampton and one living near to the train station in Luton. The house in Luton was bought in June 2004 and sold in October 2005.

Mohammed Zaman - Registered at 75 Lees Holm. Trustee for Faith Together in Leeds. Is this the 'Imran Zaman' - there is no Imran Zaman registered on the same street - who is used as a character wtiness in newspaper reports such as this one from The Wall Street Journal? :

"I thought he was a really nice guy and thought 'He'll be good for our neighborhood,' " said Imran Zaman, who lives two doors away. Soon afterward, Mr. Khan disappeared, said Mr. Zaman.

[ http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05206/543469.stm ]

Tafazal Mohammed - IQRA worker, trustee for IQRA. Trustee for Leeds Community School along with Hanif Malik and housemate Saheeda Alam. Most of IQRA's and Leeds Community School's charity accounts are overdue.

Rifhat Malik - Wife of Hanif Malik. She is/was the project coordinator for Leeds Health Focus a charity started in 2001 by Javed Khan, Shakeel Mir and Moneer Sharif. Leeds Health Focus received at least £140,000 from Leeds Drug Action Team upto March 2004 for its Nasha drugs project targeting the 'South Asian community in inner City Leeds'. She's also part of the Managment Committee for Resourcing the Community based in Leeds. Her Husband Hanif - the Director for Hamara Healthy Living Centre and trustee for Faith Together in Leeds 11 and Leeds Community School - was himself awarded upto £5,000 from the UnLtd charity in March 2003.

Rifhat's maiden name is Afzal, so, does she bear any blood-relation to the Mohammed Afzal who is both a volunteer for the IQRA bookshop and a family friend of the Tanweer family and was referred to as 'Uncle' by Shehzad? He said of Khan's confessional video that it was "crap" - in an article where he was referred to as Mohammed Afsal, a father of five.

A curiousity in relation to the 7/7 bombings is that Rifhat was a victim of an armed robbery at her brother's house in October 2003. She walked in on two armed robbers who were making their way out and in a struggle to force her onto the ground one of the guns went off leaving a bullet lodged in her right cheek. Sources: http://www.muslimnews.co.uk/pda/news.php?article=6078 and http://icwales.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0600uk/content_objectid=13565431_method=full_siteid=50082_headline=-Pregnant-women-shot-in-face-name_page.html. The incident happened just over a week before the Building Blocks Centre was officially opened by Hilary Benn.

If she was working with an intelligence front or involved in channeling money to would-be criminals - maybe unwittingly - was this armed robbery an attempt to keep her in line?

Moneer Sharif - former trustee for Leeds Health Focus, trustee for Faith Together in Leeds, Non-Executive Director for South Leeds Primary Care Trust.

Mohammed Farouk - representative of the Stratford Street Mosque. Trustee for the Hamara Healthy LIving Centre.

Shakeel Mir - or Shakeel Meer. Works for the Home Office Cohesion Unit since 2003; the Leeds Racial Harassment Project as Project Director since about August 2000; and JUST West Yorkshire since July 2004. He's also a member of Joseph Rowntree's Racial Justice committee, the Leeds Initiative Board, Leeds Federated Housing Associatio, Leeds VOICE and a diversity officer for Armley jail in Leeds.

Javed Khan - Trustee for Leeds Health Focus. Is this the Javed Khan who is the only witness cited in a BBC report on the searching of the two cars used by the 7th July bombers (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4676061.stm).


Shakir Mahmoud Al-Ani (AKA Adnan Shakri) the one from whom Magdi El-Nashar alledgedly rented the 18 Alexandra Grove flat. He is said to be a 'respectable hospital consultant'. A business called Samara Medical Services was registered at 2A The Drive, Adel, Leeds in May 2000. Shakir is/was director along with Zahra Alani (possibly a daughter), Hassan Al Katib (Chairman of Leeds Muslim Forum), Ahmed Albazie, Lena Al-Bazie, Daniel James Dwyer (a director of Resourcing the Community along with Rifhat Malik) and Philip Mark Croshaw.

Dr. Ahmed Albazie, was fined £3,000 under Health and Safety regulations in October 2002. However, Philip Croshaw is a much more colourful character. He had held over 2,400 directorships by the time the DTI handed down a 12-year disqualification in 1999. He is mentioned in a Fairplay article regarding fraudulent online job search sites (http://www.oilcareers.com/fairplay/caledonian_offshore_2004.pdf). Croshaw is rumoured to be living in Cyprus.


And finally I found several important names registered at 160 Rhodesway, Bradford for the 2005 Electoral Roll:

Mr. Bashir Ahmed - same name as the often cited uncle to Shehzad Tanweer;
Ms. Parveen Akhtar - same name as Shehzad Tanweer's mother (see below);
Shaffia Begum - same name as the one James A McLintock (who you've already mentioned on your blog) married in 1995;
and a Mr. Qamar Hussain.

GRO Birth Index entries:

Surname, Forename, Mother's Maiden Name, Registration District, Volume, Page, Quarter
Tanweer, Tebusum, Parveen Akhtar, Bradford, 4, 0481 DEC 1980
Tanweer, Shehzad, Parveen Akhtar, Bradford, 4, 0531 MAR 1983

I have some more info on the bombers' genealogies and electoral roll entries - including those of Rashid Sacha's family.


The Antagonist said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for posting such a wealth of information! Your comment has to be the single most informative and useful comment anyone has ever left on this blog in just over three years of its existence.

I very much look forward to any additional information you may wish to contribute and thank you kindly for sharing the plentiful fruits of your research with us.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember Rashid Facha? He was the man who in the early stages of the official legend was touted as one of the bomber suspects and was given a back story later taken up by Mohammed S. Khan. He was said to have moved into 69 Lees Holm, around Christmas 2004, married to a Hasina Patel (mother-in-Law Farida) and with a 8-month old child. This information was later incorporated into Khan's backstory - but with a 15 month old daughter Maryam.

I was trying to find Mohammed Khan's marriage on ancestry.co.uk's computerised BMD index (1984-2005), but not much luck*, so I tried with Hasina, I didn't find any likely Khan's but I did come across a marriage of a Rashid A Y Sacha to Hasina S Patel, registered February 2000, Dewsbury District. Strangely, only foreign language news outlets seem to have used the correct spelling of Sacha.

A Khadijah and Saudah Sacha were registered in Dewsbury in Aug 2002 and Sep 2004 respectively, both with Patel as the mother's maiden name.

I was able to find Maryam's birth entry:

Name: Maryam Musaddiqah Khan
Mother's Maiden Surname: Patel
Date of Registration: Jun 2004
Registration district: Dewsbury
Registration county (inferred): Yorkshire
Register number: A84C
District and Subdistrict: 088/1A
Entry Number: 252

What about Hasina? Her age was usually given as either 23 or 27.

The one aged 23:

Patel, Hasina Sulimau, Deler?, Dewsbury, 4, 1522 DEC 1981

And the elder Hasina and her often named brother Arshad:

Patel, Arshad, Patel, Dewbsury, 4, ---- SEP 1976
Patel, Hasina Abdul S, Patel, Dewsbury, 4, 1270 DEC 1977

So how come Rashid Sacha came to figure in this at all? Did his marriage to a Hasina Patel, likely the younger, lead to confusion with the real 'Khan' and the other Hasina who was setup as his 'wife' and who Khan may or may not have married - when it came time to feed in the backstory to Journalists? Was Sacha used as a double for Khan? Hasina (the daughter of well-connected Farida) is now said to be in hiding.

* The closest match I could find was a marriage between Fatimah M Patel and Mohammed S Khan in November 2002, Leicester.


I had trouble finding Mohammed Khan on the electoral roll as well. His parents and sister Nafiza are in Beeston, Nottingham between 2003 and 2005, but no definite match for Mohammed. Sacha was living with his mother at 68 Broomsdale Road, Batley for 2002 and at 12 Hamza Street for 2003-2005.

More birth entries:

Khan, Mohammad Sidique, Mamida Begum, Leeds, 5, 0804 DEC 1974
Sacha, Rashid Ahmed Y., Rukaiya Ebrahim Sacha, Walsall, 34, 0698 SEP 1977

The Antagonist said...

Hello again, Anonymous. Thanks for your second comment. The information from both comments has been passed on to the J7 research team for further investigation.

Thanks again for sharing your excellent research with us. Journalists could learn a thing or two from it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Antogonist, I'm glad you appreciate the research. I'm posting the last of my research. I think I've just reached a breakthrough - a mini-scandal perhaps - this weekend; it's in my second posting concerning the Fiaz brothers.


The Tanweers

Mohammed Mumtaz Tanweer (born 2/1/1955), father of Shehzad married Parveen Akhtar in Bristol District in 1977. They have at least three other children: Tilait, Rizwan and Tabasum. Shehzad Tanweer is registered in 2005 living at 51 Colwyn Road along with his sister Tilait and a Thair Pervez.

The father is registered as a director under the name Mohammed Tanweer Mumtaz at ukdata.com - two directorships dissolved, none trading. He is registered with his wife and eldest daughter at 49 Colwyn Road. He could also be registered at 113 Lodge Lane under the name Mumtaz Tahweer for 2003; as a M Mumtaz Tanwififr/Tanweer at 130a Tempest Road for 2002-2005 along with a Mohammed Afzal; and at 128 Tempest Road as Mohammed Tanweer for 2003. Tempest Road is the site of the Hamara Healthy LIving Centre, while Lodge Lane is the site of Hamara Youth Access Point.

The Hamara Youth Access Point is at 73 Lodge Lane - the correspondence address for Leeds Community School, for whom Hanif Malik is a trustee. 73 Lodge Lane is also listed several times on the internet as a contact address for Hamara Healthy Living and South Leeds Elderly and Community Group with Hanif Malik as the contact; and is also listed once as the address for Leeds Health Focus and a Third Party Hate Incident Reporting Centre for West Yorkshire Police.


Abdullah Shaheed Jamal (or Jamal Lindsey etc.) hasn't been easy to track down on the electoral roll, so I've focused on the Lewthwaites.

Samantha Lewthwaite was born in 1983 'in the market town of Banbridge in County Down'. Her parents were Andrew and Christine Lewthwaite. And she had two elder siblings. An Andrew G. Lewthwaite is registered at 15 Denby Walk, Aylesbury for 2002-2005, while a Samantha L and Elizabeth C[hristine?] Lewthwaite were registered at 15 Norfolk Terrace for 2002 and seemed to have disappeared off the electoral roll afterwards. I was able to find though two entries for birth certificates:

Name: Abdullah Shaheed Jamal
Mother's Maiden Surname: Lewthwaite
Date of Registration: Apr 2004
Registration district: Aylesbury Vale
Registration county (inferred): Buckinghamshire
Register number: A59C
District and Subdistrict: 324/1A
Entry Number: 294

Name: Tyrone Andrew G J Lewthwaite
Mother's Maiden Surname: Lewthwaite
Date of Registration: Jan 2001
Registration district: Aylesbury Vale
Registration county (inferred): Buckinghamshire
Register number: A50C
District and Subdistrict: 3241A
Entry Number: 156

The fact that her father is called Andrew G and that there are no other Lewthwaites recorded in Aylsebury implies that Tyrone is either the son of Samantha or her sister Sabrina who still lives in Aylesbury.


Hasib Mir Hussain is living at 7 Colenso Mount with his family including his brother Imran for 2005. I couldn't find that much more on this family.

Hussain, Imran Mir, Rehman, Leeds, 5, ---- DEC 1980

Name: Hasib Mir Hussain
Mother's Maiden Surname: Rehman
Date of Registration: Oct 1986
Registration district: Leeds
Registration county (inferred): Yorkshire
Volume Number: 5
Page Number: 447
Re-registration Year: 0


The other IQRA worker - Khalid Khaliq. He's either at Winston Terrace, Bradford or at 238 Tempest Road, Leeds. It seems that the one living at Tempest Road is married to a Sabina Cummings.


James A McLintock is registered living with a Jacqueline Lodge instead of his wife since 2003 at Valley Side, London E4 7SR. While Magdy Elnashar was registered with Abdur Rehman at 7 Burley Lodge Place for 2002-2003. The nearest Martin McDaid I could find was at Scunthorpe.


The 'Rays of Truth' bookshop you mentioned in 'If links back to UK or US sources are revealed'. Searching google locates the address as 44 Woodsley Road, also home to Abrar Bookshops. Well, according to a Leeds Drug Action Team leaflet Leeds Health Focus were/are managing a drop-in at Woodsley Road Cultural Centre (no.64) as part of their NASHA Project.

Anonymous said...

The 'Fiaz' brothers

Naveed Fiaz - IQRA worker - and Ejaz Fiaz (aka 'Jacksey' Fiaz; Eliaz Fiaz, Nadim Fiaz) - one of the early suicide bombing suspects - are the sons of Mohammed and Hamida Fiaz. The birth entries of Naveed and Ejaz are below.

Naveed Fiaz:
Fiaz, Naveed, Ellani, Dewsbury, 4, 1539 MAR 1976

Ejaz Fiaz:
FIaz, Ejaz Khan, Ellahi, Dewsbury, 2b, 1245 JUN 1970 or
Fiaz, Ijaz, Fiaz or Pilvas, Manchester, 10e, 4272? MAR 1973

Other members of the Ellahi-Fiaz family:
Fiaz, Sheda Begum, Ellahi, Dewsbury, 2b, 1551 MAR 1971
Fiaz, Imtiaz Khan, Ellahi, Dewsbury, 2b, 1314 JUN 1972
Fiaz, Yasheen, Ellani, Dewsbury, 2b, 1398 JUN 1973

It seems the three brothers mentioned in the news report below would then be Imtiaz, Ejaz and Naveed:

'... in Beeston, police were investigating reports of unusual "comings and goings" at a house in recent weeks.

It is understood that three brothers would visit the property at all hours. Locals said that one, who has not been seen since the bombings, had moved to Leicester because after marrying a Hindu, he encountered opposition.

His 29-year-old brother is understood to be the man being questioned in London. The eldest brother, who is 33, has not been seen recently.'

[ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/07/15/nbomb215.xml ]

Searching for Imtiaz, Ejaz (or Eliaz) and Naveed Fiaz and their mother Hamida brings up no results for Yorkshire. However, searching under Riaz brings up a Naveed Riaz at Hilton Grove, Bradford; Mohammed and Hamida Riaz at Rotherham; and Imtiaz and Ilyas Riaz at Wickham Street and Stratford Street North, Leeds. Who else is at Hilton Grove? Well, there's a Mr. Mohammed Riaz who registered as a Conservative Party candidate for the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections with an address at 12 Hilton Grove and likewise appears on the electoral roll.

This same Mohammed Riaz was - according to the Guardian website - a Conservative candidate for Parliament for the 1992, 1997 & 2001 General Elections. He was also an advisor on ethnic affairs for Iain Duncan Smith and William Hague. And was formerly a Labour councillor before defecting to the Conservatives.

It would be good if we could find more proof that the Riaz's are actually the Fiaz's mentioned in the news reports. A search of the birth entries for the period 1970-1977 under the surname Riaz doesn't bring us an Imtiaz, Naveed and Ejaz (or Ilyas) with the same mother's maiden name.

... Naveed Fiaz, 29, who is being questioned by police in London after his house was raided with five others last Tuesday, also used the centre as a base for his youth work.

[ http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,1529005,00.html ]

Police have been granted a warrant of further detention at Bow Street MC for a 29 year old man arrested on July 12 in the West Yorkshire area on suspicion of the commission, instigation or preparation of acts of Terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000. The man can now be detained until Tuesday 19.7.05, and he continues to be interviewed at a central London police station.

[ http://cms.met.police.uk/news/major_operational_announcements/terrorist_attacks/police_investigation_continues_into_the_7_7_bombings ]

4 The Media Presentation of Leeds and Beeston Hill and Holbeck
... Of particular concern was the naming in the press of a person initially arrested by the police but subsequently released without charge.

Report for Leeds Intiative, jointly authored by David Richmond and Hanif Malik

[ www.leedsinitiative.org/initiativeDocuments/2005913_29607791.pdf ]

In Stratford Street, Beeston, Leeds, police moved in on a red-brick terrace, which has stood empty since the Pakistani couple who own it moved out two years ago.

Mohammed Fiaz and his wife Hamida Begum had lived there with their two sons Nadeem and Jacksey.

Both sons were Westernised Asians, and Nadeem, 26, had married a white girl Tracey, 24. All the family still live in the Leeds area.

[ http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/tm_objectid=15730191&method=full&siteid=94762&headline=go--go--go--go--police-storm-homes-name_page.html ]

... in Stratford Street, at the home of Mohammed Fiaz and his wife, Hamida, police had cordoned off a small area. Although the couple are thought not to live there, the home is visited by their sons Naveed and Jacksey, in his late 30s.

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "Jacksey comes every couple of months, stays a couple of days and then goes. We speak to him and say hi and goodbye. He arrives in either a grey or white Honda."

[ http://www.guardian.co.uk/attackonlondon/story/0,16132,1527437,00.html ]

... Special branch officers and police also taped off the road in front of a house in Stratford Street in Beeston. The occasional residents here in recent years have been Naveed Fiaz, in his mid-20s, who still lives in the district with his English wife, Tracey, and their three children and his brother Eliaz (known as 'Jacksy').

Brought up in the house for 15 years by Mohammed Fiaz and Hamida Begum, both men have only been seen there occasionally in recent years. Eliaz, 30, visited every two months or so.

[ www.eurolegal.org/isterbrit/ldnterbmb.htm ]

Some links on Mohammed Riaz:


I'm interested to know what you make of it.

Kind regards

Numeral said...

Thanks Anonymous. This is very exiting. The thread on the forum is this