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17 November 2006

Muslim Student Tasered at UCLA

Still think the War OF Terror isn't a War on People? Forgotten your ID card today? Expect 30,000 volts delivered via taser not once, but five times.

Picked up via Europhobia and Crooks & Liars, the latter of which carries more information about the incident, as does this report from Channel 9 News.

Other students who tried to intervene were also threatened with the taser treatment. Daily Bruin has a report, complete with subtitles and comments from a bunch of kids who obviously think it couldn't happen to them, which seems to suggest that the police stopped the student from leaving, as instructed, as he was on his way out.

The Antagonist is guessing that the cops abusing their power and position in the above clips have forgotten the name Rodney King.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see others are noticing this - come talk about it!

Click here to read what's been said by others and join the conversation!

The Antagonist said...

Thanks for the link. I tried to join in the conversation but, so far, my comment hasn't been allowed through the moderation system in the 6 hours since it was posted.

It seems the blog moderators didn't appreciate my abstraction from the notion espoused on their blog that it is not merely a question of 'Muslims Vs. The State' but instead 'The State Vs. The People', irrespective of the people's colour or creed.

Or maybe it was the challenge to anyone that endeavoured to defend the police actions to take a similar hit from Taser and then stand-up on demand.

Or maybe it was the idea that 'the rules' and 'the laws' might not be sufficient justification for any and all measures to enforce them.

Or maybe it was the bit where I pointed them to what being a student was about not so very long ago.

The Antagonist said...

My comment has at last made it on to the Financial Aid blog. You can read it here.

Anonymous said...

The fact it bears some similarities to the Jean Charles de Menezies killing - part justification i.e. Muslim-Suspected Muslim Terrorist, concern for the safety of others and some small misdemeanours - may mean that the filming was not accidental. Who was behind the camera?

They've long since introduced the concept of excessive and deadly force in the pursuit of criminals. Now they're introducing the concept of killing and attacking singular innocents. They may not seek to win this battle, but they've planted the seeds and are starting to frame the debate. A Fabian strategy of attrition designed to win the war.

Anonymous said...

Apparently at least one of the cops involved has a history of violence; it's on Kos today.

The Antagonist said...

UCLA not missing a trick, or any discussion of the incident. Introducing UCLA-Bot:

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