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13 October 2006

Jarvis, Tim and some words of wisdom

Pulpman Jarvis Cocker has penned a beautiful and poignant anthemic song called Running the World and made it available on MurdochMySpace for the Internet-connected world to enjoy.

The Antagonist can almost guarantee that the Antagonista in you will be singing the chorus for as long as it takes to make things right.

The song also represents a short break in blogging from Bloggerheads in favour of a new project. Good luck with the new venture, Tim, not a moment too soon.


fjl said...

although we have had our differences, it might be helpful if you put a link to this this blogpost, thanks.

fjl said...

...Please put a link to my recent blogpost on your blog, thankyou.

Kier said...

Are you still not seeing the advantages of MySpace? I know it's Murdoch, but isn't it all? When the censorship comes in, I bet Blogger goes first!
Anyway, I think I might add Jarv ;)

Dan Hart said...

Hmm. You might not quite understand who fjl is? Google "Felicity Lowde" or "Felicity Jane Lowde" and all will be revealed.