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28 February 2007

Mark Thomas at the Troops Out - No Trident Demo

Ho ho ho! Does this shit still wash?

What no mention of nigh-on a million dead Iraqi civillians? Since when was Democracy a march? "Keep fighting until we win?" Who's fighting? The odd march happens occasionally and there's a war on drugs, smoking, fat people, drinking, chavs, water, hoodies, recycling, car drivers, anti-social behaviour (a war ironically waged by the most anti-social bastards of the lot), council tenants, parking, global warming climate change, etc, etc, and Blair's going whenever it suits the regime best. The Critical National Infrastructure is owned by unaccountable, foreign, private tyrannies. And so on.

Seems like a marked case of Monbiot syndrome, if ever there was one.

Video courtesy of Disillusioned Kid.

1 comment:

Shahid said...

As usual Mr. Antagonist, you ask the pointed, uncomfortable questions that MUST be asked. You frame things in a way that forces me out of my comfort zones. I feel as if I have been kept awake for 4 nights, but your posts keep throwing the cold water of stark reality over me "you're STILL not doing anything!!!"

Left wing politics? Fucking useless shit!

The left wing is dead!

Mark Thomas? Cunt.
Tariq Ali? Cunt.
George Galloway? Cunt.
Remember Ben Elton? CUNT!!!

I remember watching Galloway asking people to SMS for that song - and realising with a horrible, sinking feeling that even he had been bought. Watching Galloway asking people to SMS some shit song up the charts reminded me of the moment in the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers when Donald Sutherland's character, the last bastion of the human spirit, has been taken over.

That's how we send messages to the powers-that-be now? By pushing some shit song into the charts by SMS?

Democracy is the fucking pop charts???

To what degraded nadir have we sunk?