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25 February 2007

Why the troops are coming home

A brief clue as to why British troops will be heading home from Iraq, as hinted at by George Galloway at the end of his speech during today's anti-war demonstration in London.

Video courtesy of Davide Simonetti, picked up via Blairwatch.

For those of you that didn't catch the number that'll get you on all the watchlists, text "peace1" to "78789". Anyone who texted during the march will have identified themselves as active political dissidents, more commonly referred to as 'terrorists', and have almost certainly added themselves to the special priority watch lists as well as the waiting list for New Labour's Labour Camps.

This is the Big Brother text revolution, democracy by txtspk (gr8!), and while the revolution will not be televised, you can at least watch bits of it on YouTube. For now.

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