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08 November 2005

Transparent Tony on Terrorism

"There are people in our country now, as we speak, who are, we believe, engaged in trying to plot terrorist acts."

- Tony Blair
"Fewer than twenty" according to Tony.

'Fewer than twenty" is the number of people in the dis-United Kingdom that transparent Tony Bliar says will be subject to the new anti-terror legislation. Yet, as far as The Antagonist is aware, the law of the country applies to all 60-or-so million subjects - for monarchy = 'subjects' not 'citizens' - whether they be one of the terrorist-fewer-than-twenty or not.

"Fewer than twenty." Fewer than twenty individuals that the police have managed to persuade Terrorist Tony and Ratboy are the lowest common denominator by which we should all be judged and treated.

The terrorists hate our freedoms and the terrorists want to take away our freedoms. Who could argue with that?

"Fewer than twenty" terrorists want to take away our freedoms.

"Fewer than twenty" terrorists are taking away our freedoms.

We elected each and every one of them.

Yesterday little terrorist Tony faced a few questions from the world's media in a desperate attempt to drum up support for new laws that further subjugate the British people. You might expect that the reasons for these new laws would be good, especially if issued by a lawyer well versed in law, politics and hopefully by now the art of running-not-ruining the country. But Blair was less coherent than Primate Bush as he struggled desperately to string together random groupings of words which sounded like they might mean something terribly important when heard in small groupings but which, in context, said and meant nothing.

As Tony explained at his shoddy little press conference yesterday: Who are politicians, or indeed anyone else, to disagree with the judgements of a handful of police officers?

Should it matter that these same police officers are still the subject of a murder inquiry? Should it matter that these same police officers are the ones responsible for the cold-blooded execution of an innocent man at Stockwell tube station under 'old' laws . Should it matter that these same police officers have yet to be held to account for that gross action under the 'old' laws?

Blair also drew parallels between the noose of his attachment to the repressive New policc Labour laws and the strife of Thatcher in her third term. A strange comparison for a Labour man, perhaps, but then this is a NEW Labour. Not 'New and Improved' like all the other frivolous commodities of modern life, just new. Brand new. Nothing at all like old Labour, whatever that was.

This is New Labour

This is New Labour and New Terror brought to you live and direct via Afghanistan, Iraq and soon Iran, Syria and anyone else the compass bearers in Washington decide our country doesn't like today.

This is New Labour whose leader remembers and even harks back to the dark days of Thatcherism in a vain attempt to justify his own unjustifiable actions.

This is New Labour who remembers the plight of the miners and the riots of the Thatcher years.

This is New Labour complete with even more New Terror laws to arm the police and state further against the people who are so disillusioned with politicians and the private venture that has replaced the political process that they barely even bothered to vote.

This is New Labour filled with The Fear that comes with the ancient knowledge of numbers and ratios; the vast difference between the opulent minority and the impoverished majority. It is This Fear that fills Tony's heart, mind and every word of every sentence he utters. No semblance of logic, just Gerin-oil fuelled Fear. Only Primate Bush was man enough to admit it publicly.

This is New Labour who realises we have long known that it is entirely possible to lock people up for nine years and counting without charge or evidence and without any new terror laws at all.

This is new Labour who recognise, like all ruling classes, that they are few and the people many, so they may graciously reduce the 90 day period which suspects are meant to suffer while a case against them is concocted.

Fuck it, Tony, why stop at a paltry 14, 28, 42 or any other multiple-of-seven days detention? Why not make it 74,000 years? That's as good a number as any.

Bring on the repression, Tony, but do it in the ancient knowledge that there is nothing so fearsome as a disgruntled nation of people. Not just the Nation of Islam and not just 'fewer than twenty'.

Do it also in full knowledge of legal precedents that have already been set.
"There is no general legal duty to assist the police or to obey police instructions."

Rice v Connolly [1966] 2 QB 414.

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