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04 February 2006

Blairwatch Interviewed on Democracy Now!

Remember how Primate Bush told UK President Blair he wanted to Bomb Al Jazeera in Qatar? Well, that particular office of Al Jazeera didn't get bombed like the office in Baghdad did and now Daniel Mason, one of the Blairwatch coordinators of the bloggger campaign to publish the Al Jazeera Memo, should it ever materialise, is out in Doha, Qatar for a conference on Media and Power, Freedom of Expression and Political Manipulation.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now caught up with Daniel at the conference and asked him to explain the intricacies of the story so far. From the Democracy Now web site:
"We broadcast from the headquarters of Arabic TV network Al Jazeera in Doha, Qatar - the place President Bush allegedly told Tony Blair he wanted to bomb. The report came out last November in Britain’s Daily Mirror, citing a secret British memo revealing that Bush told Blair in April 2004 of his desire to bomb the news outlet. Bloggers have pledged to publish the memo if it is leaked.

We speak with British blogger Daniel Mason, who has been tracking the story of the Downing Street Memo. [includes rush transcript]"

Watch/listen to the full interview with Daniel Mason of Blairwatch here.

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